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Creating a foundation for the future

Technology development

Creating safe, secure, and comfortable road spaces, revitalizing local communities,
Promote research and development of new technologies that contribute to sustainable development.

Sanagawa Bridge, Shin-Tomei Expwy(2017 JSCE Design Excellence Award)

Main measures

Develop technologies that enhance safety, security and comfort

Technology leading to advanced inspection

Expressway In addition to improving safety, we are working to upgrade inspection technology to address issues such as a shortage of inspection engineers. RAIMS (Monitoring System Technology Research Association) * To standardize the monitoring system Standard We are working on

* An organization that aims to put the state-of-the-art monitoring system in line with the needs of road managers as soon as possible.

Cable stayed cable inspection robot

Phased array (method for detecting cracks in bridges)

Technology to promote Expressway Renewal Project

Expressway Renewal Project ( See Expressway Renewal Project For the promotion, we are working on the construction of materials and construction methods that maintain high quality for a long time while considering economic efficiency, such as the development of a replacement method for bridge decks using ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete. We are also working on the development of a new antifreeze agent (sodium propionate) to replace sodium chloride, which is a cause of structural deterioration.

Autonomous driving spread support and technology utilization

To realize and popularize automatic driving of cars, Expressway In addition, there is a need for technical support in the field, and the public-private collaboration will also work on the development of a new ITS system that will provide road information such as traffic regulations and falling objects more quickly and more accurately through communication between the road and the car. We are conducting research on the development of control and operation support technology and the automatic operation of maintenance vehicles.
In addition, the country is one of the main efforts to realize the “Mobile Revolution” based on the “Future Investment Strategy 2017”. Expressway We are aiming for the practical use of truck platooning in Japan, and we are providing support for demonstration experiments to realize the subsequent unmanned platooning.

Utilization of ICT / AI technology

Expressway In order to respond to accidents and traffic jams due to reverse running in Japan, and a sudden increase in the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan, Expressway We are working on the construction of technology that accurately provides a variety of information for improving the safety of traveling vehicles and alleviating traffic jams using big data and AI obtained from traffic information, traveling vehicle information, SNS, etc. The

previous data

Model learning

Traffic prediction

Technology / product development and external sales

Together with Companies in our Group we provide consulting services, technical training services, product development, product sales, etc. utilizing our unique technologies. To take advantage of the maintenance and management know-how, straddle managed by local governments Expressway has conducted the support of the inspection and repair of the bridge.

Promotion of technological development by recruiting technical proposals

We are soliciting proposals for joint research / development and new technologies / new construction methods through collaboration / collaboration with universities and companies to promote technology development.

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