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Important Notice

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Privatization of the Four Highway-Related Public Corporations framework

Purpose of privatization

  • Repayment of approximately 40 trillion yen of interest-bearing debt
  • Build the roads you really need at the earliest, with the least possible public burden, while respecting the company's autonomy
  • Provide diverse and flexible pricing and services through private know-how

Image of privatization

Image of privatization

Privatization of the Four Highway-Related Public Corporations law

  • Expressway Law Corporation
  • Japan Expressway Holding and Debt Repayment Mechanism Act
  • Act on the development of road-related laws accompanying the privatization of the Japan Highway Public Corporation
  • Japan Road Public Corporation Enforcement Law

About project implementation

  • Expressway The business will be conducted using a business license application system based on the company's autonomy.
  • Expressway Businesses other than business are reported to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, increasing the degree of freedom of business.
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