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Traffic Information

Check current traffic congestion

We provide realtime road traffic information on expressways nationwide. If you register frequently used routes as "My Routes," you can avail of a free service that notifies you of traffic conditions such as road closures and traffic congestion.

Search from Calendar
By selecting a date on the calendar and specifying a road, you can search for forecasted traffic congestion information.
Forecasted Traffic Congestion Calendar
Search by Route
By entering your departure and arrival interchanges, you can search for forecasted traffic congestion on the day of your trip, and along your route until you reach your destination (only on routes managed by the three NEXCO companies.)
Forecasted Traffic Congestion Route Search
Major Traffic Congestion Areas
This is a summary of areas on expressways under the jurisdition of NEXCO CENTRAL where congestion due to traffic convergence is likely to occur.
Road information app "Michi Raji"
The latest information on traffic congestion, accidents, road closures, and travel times will be sent to your smartphone via push notification*. Please use it while driving. (Only within the jurisdiction NEXCO CENTRAL)
*Push notifications are a feature that allows the app to automatically send notifications without you having to operate your device.
Traffic Congestion Navigation Map
You can check traffic congestion conditions and driving precautions along expressways under the jurisdiction of NEXCO CENTRAL, along with road maps.
List of Highway Telephone Numbers
We provide the latest expressway information such as traffic congestion and accidents through automatic voice updates on dedicated phone numbers for each region. This information is updated every 5 minutes, and is available 24 hours a day. Please use this service before your trip or while driving.
Road Traffic Information "Now !!"
Current road traffic information and conditions are announced by the Japan Road Traffic Information Center (JARTIC) every 5 minutes.