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Concentrated construction

What is intensive construction?

Intensive construction is the work required to manage the roads in a short period of time, day and night. As a result, construction can be consolidated, and the number of construction regulations and congestion can be greatly reduced.

Tomei intensive construction 1988 fiscal year, Meishin intensive construction work is from 1991, Higashi-Meihan Expressway(Mei-Nikan Expressway including) refresh construction work has been conducted from 1995.

Please see here for the current planned concentration work.

Main construction contents

Pavement repair work
Pavement repair work
Repairs unevenness and cracks on the pavement surface.
Protective fence improvement work
Protective fence improvement work
In order to prevent serious accidents such as jumping into the opposite lane, replacement with a guardrail with increased strength will be performed.
Check signs and lighting
Check signs and lighting
Check signs and lighting using an aerial work platform.

Safety measures and traffic congestion measures

We are working to prevent traffic accidents during the intensive construction period by raising awareness at construction restrictions and traffic jams and implementing continuous regulations.

Preventing rear-end collisions at the end of traffic jams

In order to prevent rear-end collisions at the end of traffic jams, traffic warning information will be provided and warning signs will be placed in front of construction restrictions or at the end of traffic jams in response to traffic jams.

Warning sign car

Implementation of continuous regulations, etc.

Security officers patrol all the time to guide emergency vehicles and troubled vehicles, and to check regulatory materials.

In addition, if construction is restricted in a short section, the number of junctions will increase and cause rear-end collisions. For this reason, even in places where construction is not performed, regulations are continuously implemented for safety.

Difference between individual regulations and continuous regulations
An example of a notice signboard within continuous lane regulations
An example of a notice signboard within continuous lane regulations

Provision of road traffic information

Construction Info Information for

In intensive construction, various information including the construction period will be announced in advance through TV commercials, radio commercials, posters, the Internet, banners, etc.

We also provide Highway Telephone and the Internet for traffic information that you want to know before going out or during traffic, such as traffic congestion during construction. In addition, we use regulatory signs and sign cars to call out notices of construction restrictions and cautions for Safety on the Expressway.

Road traffic information you can get before you go out

Notice regarding construction work and restrictions with a heavy impact such as intensive construction work
Notice regarding construction work and restrictions with a heavy impact such as intensive construction work

We will provide you with an overview of intensive construction, estimated time required, and regulatory information.

Japan Road Traffic Information Center
Japan Road Traffic Information Center

Road traffic information can be obtained on the official website or by telephone.

iHighway Central Japan (iHighway Central Japan)
iHighway Central Japan

nationwide Expressway Traffic information can be confirmed on a map or text using the mobile phone website. You can also use the “My Route Function” that notifies you by e-mail when a road closure occurs or is canceled.

Visual Highway Telephone


Road traffic information available while driving


Road traffic information available at rest facilities

The “Highway Information Terminal”, which is installed at rest facilities such as service areas, provides easy-to-understand traffic information on the TV screen. Traffic information will also be provided in the area concierge.

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