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Qualification registration

About qualification registration (reception at any time, notification of change etc.) accompanying the Large new coronavirus infection

As a measure against the new coronavirus infectious disease, we also carry out telework (work from home), and for the time being, we will deal with the qualification registration work as follows.

Examination of competition participation qualification in FY2019

【please note】
When hiring officers, executive officers and employees of the Company after leaving or leaving the Company, the procedures prescribed by the Company are required.
If it is adopted without doing so, measures such as suspension of competition participation qualification may be taken. For details, contact the following reference.

Ordering standards for construction related to the qualification for competition participation in FY2019

Public list of qualified candidates for competition in FY2019

We will not issue a “Notification for Competitive Participation Certification”, so please check the registration status in the “List of Qualified Persons” below.

(As of August 3, 2020)
[Construction] Company name in alphabetical order

[Survey etc.] Company name

Guidance and form for competing participation examination application form

Download [Excel] and create it on your computer. (If Excel cannot be used, please download the [PDF] data.) Please refer to the “Guide for Creation” for information on how to create documents and where to submit them.

For 2019 and 32
Creation guide Style
Construction 1.13MB 180KB [Excel version] 149KB
Survey etc. 972KB 145KB [Excel version] 112KB

About submission of changes

If there is a change in the content of application for competition qualification or content of certification, please fill out the following form and submit it together with the attached documents. (Please refer to the “Guide for Creation” above for details.)

As a measure for the time being, it is also possible to submit the application documents as data to the email address below for inquiries. The file format does not matter, but we will only accept stamped documents.

Procedures for mergers, business transfers or company splits

If a merger, business transfer or company split (hereinafter referred to as “merger”, etc.) is carried out after the date of application for competition participation qualification examination, a succession procedure for the competition participation qualification accompanying the merger, etc. is required.
In addition, procedures are also required for transferees who have performed part of business transfers or company splits.
For details, please refer to “Guidelines for Competing Participation Eligibility Screening Application Form”.

If the new merger company, surviving company, or transferee participates in the bid, the competition participation qualifications will be certified by the time the bid is opened, and the competition participation qualifications (management items evaluation It is necessary to meet the score).

Frequently Asked Questions for Competition Eligibility Examination

Q & A for competition participation examination

Where to send application documents and contact information

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Nagoya Building 10F, 2-18-19 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
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