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Timely application for business accreditation

In recent years, with regard to public works, there has been an increasing need for early manifestations of business effects, including the early acquisition of public land, from the perspective of increasing cost awareness and economic revitalization. Under these circumstances, the first report and the second report on the promotion of regulatory reform at the General Regulatory Reform Council pointed out the need for active use of the land expropriation law, etc., and the Cabinet decided on March 28, 2003. In the "Regulatory Reform Promotion Three-Year Plan (Re-Revision)", it was decided to take measures in accordance with the point of the report. Central Japan based on this situation Expressway Co., Ltd. has decided to thoroughly enforce the timely application rules and will inform everyone of these rules. In addition, from the viewpoint of accountability for project progress management, the project name, the time when land width pile driving was completed, We decided to announce the acquisition rate, the scheduled start date, the expected completion date, the status of transition to expropriation procedures, and the reasons and countermeasures if they have not transitioned to expropriation procedures.

About active use of land expropriation law

The following measures are necessary from the perspective of optimizing business progress management:

  • Thoroughly disseminate rules that should be transferred to timely application procedures such as business certification at the right time
  • Announcement of land acquisition progress

Timely application rules such as business certification

Timely application rules such as business certification
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