NEXCO CENTRAL (Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited)

NEXCO CENTRAL Group's Basic Policy for Procurement

NEXCO CENTRAL Group's Basic Policy for Procurement

NEXCO CENTRAL Group's Basic Policy for Procurement

NEXCO CENTRAL Group Expressway Network can be established quickly and efficiently so that customers can use it safely, securely and comfortably Expressway In addition to providing space, we will create a service area that will impress customers with the heart of “invitation” and “hospitality”.

In order to achieve this mission, we will be based on the following five policies, based on the principles of "safer things more reliably, better things cheaper" under fair and transparent procedures We will procure.

Through procurement activities, we will endeavor to raise social responsibilities to our business partners as well as ourselves, and fulfill our corporate responsibilities for the sustainable development of the community and society.

  1. Promotion of fair transactions

    Promote fair and open transactions, and select suppliers in consideration of quality, economic efficiency, certainty of delivery date, technical ability, etc.

  2. Compliance with laws and social norms

    Comply with related laws and the spirit and social norms.

  3. Active disclosure of bid / contract information

    We will promote the timely and appropriate disclosure of information on construction orders, contract information, etc.

  4. Consideration for the environment

    We will work to reduce the environmental burden, including green procurement, and work with society to create a resource recycling society.

  5. Trust relationship with suppliers

    With our business partners, we will build a more reliable relationship through fair and sincere transactions. NEXCO CENTRAL We collaborate to contribute to the development of society based on the Group Supplier CSR Promotion Guidelines.

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