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Message from the President

高速道路は、人々の生活に深く根ざし、永く将来にわたり我が国の文化・産業の発展に寄与する重要な社会基盤です。 当社グループでは、前『経営計画チャレンジⅤ2016-2020』に基づき、経営方針の最上位に「高速道路の安全性向上と機能強化の不断の取組み」を位置づけ、お客さまに安全を提供し続けるために、当社グループの安全文化を常に高いレベルで維持し続けてまいりました。
サービスエリアでは、新設やリニューアルを計画的に進め、沿線の地域資源を活用した個性豊かなエリアを各地に展開してまいりました。 また、業務プロセスや情報システムの最適化などグループ全体の生産性を高めてまいりました。
そして今日、当社グループの事業環境は急速に変化しており、社会経済に大きな影響を与えている新型コロナウイルス感染症拡大を契機として加速した「デジタル技術」の活用や、「CASE(Connected(コネクティッド)、Autonomous/Automated(自動化)、Shared(シェアリング)、Electric(電動化))」や「MaaS(Mobility as a Service)」など、新しい時代の交通システムに対応していくための「新技術」、「新サービス」の導入、「脱炭素社会」の実現に向けた環境保全など、将来の変化を見据えた対応が急務となっています。

Expressways are deeply rooted in people's lives and are an important social infrastructure that will continue to contribute to the development of culture and industry in Japan for many years to come. Based on our previous "Management Plan Challenge V 2016-2020," the Group has positioned "sustained efforts to improving the safety and strengthening the functions of expressways" at the top of its management policy; and has continued to consistently maintain the Group's culture of safety at a high level in order to continue ensuring customers' safety. In addition, in anticipation of major social changes such as a declining birthrate and an aging population, a declining population, aging social infrastructure, and the increasing sophistication of ICT, we have been promoting efforts to strengthen expressways' functions such as opening new expressways, converting them to four or six lanes or counteracting aging through renovation, and reinforcing them against earthquakes, based on the steady implementation of the "Five Initiatives Policy” for improving safety. Moreover, we have launched an initiative to accelerate innovation in expressways called "i-MOVEMENT," a groundbreaking highway maintenance management program using next-generation technologies, and we have been conducting demonstration tests on various subjects. In terms of service areas, we have systematically proceeded with new construction and renovation; and we have developed distinctive areas in various locations by utilizing local resources along expressways. We have also enhanced the entire Group's productivity by optimizing business processes and information systems.


New Management Policy

  1. Deepening sustained efforts to improve safety
  2. Strengthening the functions of expressways and evolving them into expressways that are widely used by customers
  3. Challenging ourselves to create new value adapted to environmental changes such as digitalization and decarbonization
  4. Strengthening our management base to continue to meet the expectations of customers and other stakeholders

By working together as a group to promote the 5-year initiatives stipulated in our "Management Plan Challenge V 2021-2025," we aim to realize our corporate philosophy, provide value to our stakeholders through our business activities, and fulfill the Group's universal social mission at a higher level.

代表取締役社長CEO 小室 俊二

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