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Safety on the Expressway

Expressway Troubleshooting

To prevent panic during an emergency or in case of trouble

Driving Safely

Let's all be mindful of driving safely on expressways.

Characteristics of and trends in traffic fatalities
~ 2022年交通死亡事故の発生状況と特徴・傾向 ~
Expressway Manner guide
Following traffic rules is a given, but please also be mindful of driving etiquette for a safe and pleasant driving experience for everyone.

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Stop wrong-way driving! An expressway is a one-way street.

Wrong-way driving still happens on expressways.​ ​
Some people even do this intentionally.
Wrong-way driving is a life-threatening, dangerous act that can hurt others.

Guide for Driving on Snowy Roads

What measures should you take in advance for driving on expressways during the winter, which is different from everyday driving? What should you pay attention to while driving? This is the information you need to know before driving on snowy roads!

Emergency Call SOS: For emergency calls when you need to stop your vehicle on an expressway
Emergency Dial #9910: Call #9910 if you find a broken-vehicle, fallen objects, road damage, etc.
To customers with special vehicles and vehicles carrying dangerous goods
There are restrictions for special vehicles and vehicles carrying dangerous goods while driving on expressways.

Points to note when passing through construction restricted areas