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NEXCO CENTRAL Manage Expressway Introducing the construction progress and opening schedule of

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											「上り線入口(東京方面) 下り線出口(名古屋方面)」 小山スマートIC 富士吉田南スマートIC

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The displayed smart IC names include temporary names.

*1: Regional activation interchange, *2: Smart interchange directly connected to private facilities

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  • Expressway national highway / general toll road (in operation)
  • NEXCO CENTRAL Other roads (open)
  • National Expressway (Under Construction)/General Toll Road (Under Construction) [Top]
  • National Expressway (Under Construction)/General Toll Road (Under Construction) [The figure below]
  • NEXCO CENTRAL Other roads (under construction)
  • General highway
  • New direct control system (under construction)

* IC (interchange), SA (service area) / PA (parking area), road names, etc. include temporary names.

Please check below for construction information in areas other than the above map.