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This NEXCO CENTRAL's official website (hereinafter referred to as "this site")is operated by Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "this Company"), and mainly contains useful information when going out by car and information on companies and businesses.

Customers using this site are deemed to have agreed to the following items. Also, please note that this Company may change the Site Policy (usage rules) of this site without notice.

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Generally speaking, the copyrights of the contents recorded on this site belong to this Company. However, there may be authors other than this Company of some copyrighted works produced by outsourcing companies. As a general rule, the copyrights of such works belong to each author. You may download content, save data on your personal computer, or print them out for your own personal use, but you may not reprint them on other sites or other print media. Beyond the scope permitted by other copyright laws, the contents recorded on this site may not be used without the permission of the copyright holder.


Although this Company takes great care when posting information on this site, we do not guarantee whether the content of the posted information is accurate, whether it is updated at the proper time, or whether the content is useful to customers. This Company shall not be held liable for any errors in the information posted or for any problems arising from the use of this site. In addition, this Company shall bear no responsibility for any reason for any damages caused by changes in information, or the suspension or discontinuation of the operation of this site.

This Company shall not be held liable for any software or hardware problems or other damages caused by using this site. Please note that the information posted on this site may be changed or deleted without prior notice.

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    • Sites that violate public order and morals
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Regarding sites linked to this site, in no way shall this Company shall be held liable for any damage caused by such linked sites and their contents, and any damage to customers who have used those sites. The sites linked from this site are managed and operated under the responsibility of the companies that operate each site, and this Company does not manage the contents of these sites. In no way shall this Company be held liable for the contents of such linked sites or for any damage caused to you by using them.

The link may be refused if this Company determines that there is a risk that the reliability of the information disclosed by this Company may be impaired. In addition, please note that even if linking has already been permitted, the permission to link may be revoked if this Company determines that the said permission is not valid due to circumstances that have been discovered or changed after permission to link has been granted.

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