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Intercity Expressway Price discount review meeting
We are considering a new discount (draft).
Study panel for investigation of debonding / falling event of bottom surface sprayed concrete of steel main girder bridge
We examined the response policy for bridges with a structure in which a bottom cast concrete was installed on a precast PC floor slab of a steel minority girder bridge.
Tomei Expwy Uri Tunnel lighting fixture fall event investigation study meeting
Based on the event of the fall of the Tomei Expwy Uri Tunnel Light, we are investigating the cause and studying the future response policy for the tunnel light.
Committee on Prevention of Reoccurrence of Fire Accidents due to Repainting Work on the Nakayoshida Viaduct on the Tomei Expwy
Following the fire accident caused by the repainting of the Nakayoshida viaduct on the Tomei Expwy we are verifying the work and examining measures to prevent recurrence.