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Important Notice

【E8 北陸道】梅雨前線の影響による通行止め可能性区間のお知らせ

Information disclosure

Information disclosure procedure
Information disclosure procedures will be guided.
Disclosure of information on Companies in our Group and related public interest corporations
NEXCO CENTRAL Announces the status of executives and financial results of Group companies.
We will report the construction cost and management cost plan and performance, maintenance and repair management.
Expressway Disclosure together with financial results at PMDA Expressway Business related information
(IAA) Japan Expressway Holding and debt repayment mechanism (Expressway Disclosed together with the financial results Expressway Business-related information (Expressway(From mechanism HP)
Increase / decrease in government investment due to special corporation
Announcement will be made based on the resolutions of the House of Councilors Financial Committee.
Expenditure status to public utilities
You can see the expenditure situation by money grant other than the contract and the expenditure situation by the contract.
Business evaluation
Business evaluation is conducted to ensure the efficiency of the business and the transparency of the implementation process.
About inspection report correction item correction status
Announces the status of correction processing of cases pointed out as inappropriate matters by the Auditing Office.
Expressway Business conditions
We announce toll revenue and number of traffic.
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