NEXCO CENTRAL (Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited)

Important Notice


Countermeasures for unauthorized traffic

NEXCO CENTRAL The toll road business is operated by all users paying the toll fairly. Unauthorized tolls that illegally evade tolls are not allowed.

NEXCO CENTRAL Then, we will take all measures with a strong stance not to allow unauthorized traffic, and strive to not compromise your trust. In the future, we will continue to install surveillance cameras and blocking bars to strengthen the control.

Unauthorized traffic is a crime!

If you make the following pass for the purpose of avoiding payment of all or part of the toll, it will be illegal.
  1. In the ETC lane, when the roadside indicator displays “STOP stop” and the open / close bar is closed even though the open / close bar is closed,
  2. When you pass through a regular lane without paying the toll
  3. When an on-board device set up with a vehicle with a low toll is replaced with a vehicle with a high toll, and the vehicle passes without the original toll
  4. If you pass a non-payment declaration to a staff member and pay without paying the prescribed fee
  5. When you pass through the toll section and avoid the original toll

There are penalties for unauthorized traffic

  • In the event of unauthorized tolls that are illegally waived from paying all or part of the toll, identify tollers from images from surveillance cameras, etc., and tolls and surcharges that have been exempted (twice the tolls that have been avoided) The equivalent amount).
  • We will notify the police of highly malicious items such as repeated actions. Drivers who violate traffic methods will be fined up to 300,000 yen in accordance with Article 59 of the Road Maintenance Special Measures Law.

Arrest cases caused by unauthorized traffic so far

■ NEXCO CENTRAL Examples of business areas

We are strengthening measures against unauthorized traffic

NEXCO CENTRAL Is promoting the following measures to prevent unauthorized traffic.

  • A surveillance camera is installed to reveal unauthorized passers-by.
  • A blocking bar is installed in the general lane to prevent unauthorized traffic.
  • Strengthen the cooperation system for active police reports and investigations.

Pay attention to Eccidental Mistakes at ETC

When using ETC, we ask you to confirm it thoroughly.

  1. Whether the ETC card has expired
  2. Is the ETC card securely inserted in the vehicle-mounted device?
  3. Is the ETC card properly recognized by the OBE

In the unlikely event that the roadside indicator displays “STOP stop” on the ETC lane and the opening / closing bar is closed, but the opening / closing bar is pushed through and the vehicle is passed as it is, please contact us immediately. To do.

Please prepare your ETC card number and vehicle number beforehand when you contact us.

Contact information
NEXCO CENTRAL Customer Center
Open PDF in new window0120-922-229

If you do not contact us, you may be charged a surcharge. The amount charged will be the sum of the toll and a surcharge (equivalent to twice the waived toll).

Request for OBE re-setup

If the information registered in the OBE changes, setup will be required again.

  • When the license plate of a vehicle equipped with ETC OBE is changed
  • When the OBE is replaced with another vehicle

In particular, in the case of "changed from a light car to a normal car", "changed the car and changed the car model", or "received only the ETC on-board device from a third party", the set car model and the actual car model Since it may be different, please consult your local setup shop, such as a car dealer or car supply store.

ETC System Usage Regulations Article 4 Paragraph 3

The person who acquired the OBE will tow the vehicle with the OBE when the number plate (vehicle registration number mark and vehicle registration number mark) of the vehicle with the OBE is changed. If there is a change in the information that has been set up, such as when the structure has been modified, or when the vehicle-mounted device has been replaced with another vehicle, the setup must be performed again.