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E8 北陸道 下り線 敦賀IC~今庄IC間は土砂災害のため通行止めをおこなっています ~長期間の通行止めが見込まれていますので迂回をお願いいたします~

August 29, 2018 Miyaike President's Regular Meeting

Conference Summary


We have been waiting for you. Now, I am just starting the 139th regular meeting.


Before I introduce the topics, let me say a few words.
Heavy rains in July last month caused devastating damage, especially in western Japan, and restoration work continues in various places even in the heat of summer.
In addition, regarding the restoration of the damaged area between the Shokawa Interchange (IC) on the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway the HidaKiyomi IC, where the slope has been deformed within the company's jurisdiction, we are currently working on restoration, such as geological surveys and examination of countermeasure construction. We are preparing for all. In the future, we will carry out recovery work as early as possible with the customer's safety first.
To support the disaster-stricken areas, the Group donated 13.45 million yen through the Japanese Red Cross Society, including donations from group employees and donations from the company.
In addition, donation boxes have been set up at the concierge counters of 51 service areas (SA) and parking areas (PA) from August 10 to September 30, so as to solicit donations from customers.
We ask for your warm support and cooperation from those who use the Expressway.

[Business status (July 2018)]

Please see document 1.
First of all, regarding the business situation, toll revenue in July was 58,758 million yen, an increase of 0.4% compared to the same month last year. In addition, the average number of traffic per day was 1,977,000 units, an increase of 0.2% compared to the same month last year. Was.
In July, despite the effects of the "July 2018 heavy rain" and Typhoon No. 12, the use of large vehicles continued to be strong, and both toll revenue and traffic volume increased. In terms of traffic, large vehicles increased by 7.4% compared to the same month last year. The increasing trend of such large vehicles has continued for about one and a half years.
Next is the construction situation.
Attachment 1 describes the sections that are scheduled to be newly opened or completed with four lanes in FY2018.
In each section, road construction works such as earthworks and bridge superstructures are currently being fully rolled out, and construction work such as pavement work, signage work, information boards, etc. is being started sequentially from the completion of these body work. is.

Next is the situation of SA and PA.
See the back of Document 1.
SA / PA sales in July were 18,136 million yen, up 7.8% from the same month last year. Sales in the food and beverage business decreased 2.1% from the same month last year.
In July, the sales of the Food & Beverage and Sales Division fell below the previous year due to the effects of the "July 2018 Heavy Rain" and Typhoon No. 12.
Sales in the gasoline business increased 27.8% year-on-year due to higher selling prices and higher diesel oil sales volume compared to last year.

[E1A Shin-Tomei Expwy 6-lane business license and new smart IC business]

Please refer to Document 2-1.
As has already been announced, we have started the six-lane project in Shin-Tomei Expwy with the business permission of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on August 10, and we are pleased to announce today.
Regarding the six-lane Shin-Tomei Expressway, the Expressway in the Future Investment Strategy 2018 approved by the Cabinet in June In anticipation of the realization of double-linked trucks and truck platoon driving in 2012, consideration has been underway in response to the idea of further improving the stability and efficiency of the Double Network of the Tomei-Meishin axis connecting the three major metropolitan areas.
Based on these, there are many issues from the viewpoint of securing stable traffic in the event of road closures, large-scale disasters, renewal work, etc., from the Gotemba junction of the Shizuoka prefecture section Hamamatsu-Inasa It was decided to make the junction six lanes ahead of the curve.
As a result, it is expected to improve productivity by improving logistics efficiency, secure stable transportation by strengthening the redundancy, and ensure smooth transportation when carrying out renewal work in Tomei.
It is expected to be used sequentially from about two years. We will examine the details in the future, but we would like to proceed with the construction as soon as possible and meet your expectations.
On the same day, we have announced additional orders for construction for fiscal 2018, so please check our official website for details.
Next, please refer to material 2-2.
On the same day, we started the new smart IC project with the business permission of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
There are two locations within our jurisdiction: Taga Smart IC connected near Taga SA of Meishin Expwy and Taki Smart IC in Ise Expwy.

The Taki Smart IC has been reported, but will be the first smart IC directly connected to private facilities in Japan.
In the future, we will work closely with related organizations such as local governments and businesses of private facilities to promote the development.

[About carrying out intensive construction of Tomei and Chuo Expressway]

And continued, here it is also already previously announced, but the Tomei and Chuo Expressway is the Notice of intensive construction of.
Please refer to Annex 3.
Tomei intensive construction work September 18 (Tuesday) 0:00 from October 6 (Saturday) morning for three weeks up to 6 o'clock, Tokyo IC from Toyokawa IC will be conducted between up. Together, Ken-O Road from Ebina JCT of Sagamiharaaikawa IC in the inward turning of between up to, will be carried out intensive work in the same period.
Because of different content and dates of traffic regulations by the section, please check the brochure.
In addition, Chuo Expressway intensive construction work November 15 days from Thursday, November 29 (Thursday) until two weeks, during the night from 18 am until the next 6, Takaido IC from Chofu IC carried out in one section of up to you.
With regard to the implementation of this Tomei intensive construction work, but announced on August 6, I apologize that I have become about a month and a half ago of the construction work carried out. To the study of the measures to minimize the impact to our customers due to the traffic jam, it was time-consuming.
As a result, the general road expansion of the detour induction by strengthening and rates adjustment of bypass public relations to other roads, including, by careful selection of the construction regulation time, such as in a lot of traffic section and construction regulations only at night, especially traffic volume of was a plan to suppress the many daytime of intense construction congestion.
Also next year, based on the construction work and construction amount, we will strive to develop the construction plan to minimize the congestion amount.
For details of the construction, and notify you by such intensive work dedicated WEB site and brochures. In addition, Expressway in addition to the time required if you use any, also the time required in the case of bypass using a general way because we provide the WEB site, Please confirm before going out, the available route please help us in the selection. Shin-Tomei Expressway other, such as Expressway also we would like your consideration detour to.
During the construction period, due to the occurrence or congestion of traffic congestion, sorry you will want to apologize for inconvenience, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

[Notice of renewal of WEB site scheduled for construction regulation]

The next topic is about the renewal of the “Web site scheduled for construction regulation”.
See Appendix 4.
Our official website provides information on scheduled construction regulations so that customers can use the Expressway safely, securely and comfortably.
The dedicated website has been renewed on August 6 so that the schedule of the construction regulations can be checked more easily than before.
Until now, except for some construction regulations, construction regulation information was provided only in a table format.However, as described in Document 4, information on construction regulation plans is now available on a map. did.
You can also search for information on scheduled construction regulations by specifying the date and time.
I would like you to make use of the renewed dedicated website, such as flexibly selecting the use route and use time when planning a move on the Expressway or before going out.

[2018 Expressway Traffic During the Obon Period (Breaking News) [Central Japan Version]]

Thank you for covering the traffic situation during the Obon period (August 8 (Wed)-August 19 (Sun)), including coverage of our "Expressway Driving Advisors" by many press members. Thank you.
See Appendix 5.
As announced on August 20, there was the impact of Typhoon No. 13 in the first half of the period, but traffic volume (average daily traffic volume) was 54,500 vehicles per day (100% year-on-year) at the same level as last year and congestion of 10 km or more The number was 198 times, a slight increase of 9 times compared to last year (about 105%), and the number of traffic jams over 30 km was 14 times, a slight increase of 2 times compared to last year (117%).
In addition, during the traffic congestion period of the Bon Festival, to promote the decentralized use of Expressway as a countermeasure for traffic congestion, trial application dates for special holidays will be trialed from Saturday and Sunday, August 11 and 12, to Thursday, September 9 Has been changed to a weekday on the 10th (Friday), but we are currently conducting a questionnaire survey and analyzing its effects.
We will also consider whether to take similar measures during the traffic congestion periods such as the New Year's holiday and Golden Week, based on the results currently being analyzed.

["Communication Plaza Fuji" reopened on Tuesday, September 11]

Please refer to Document 6.
We would like to inform you about the renewal of Communication Plaza Fuji.
Communication Plaza Fuji is a Shin-Tomei Expressway shizuoka section ( in order to make customers feel closer to the Expressway Gotemba opened in April 2012 to coincide with the opening of JCT to HamamatsuInasa JCT).
About six and a half years have passed since its opening, but we have decided to renovate it as an experience-based facility in order to have more customers visit us.
It is currently closed and under construction, and it will reopen at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 11.
With this first major renewal, we will greatly enhance the 'content that can be seen, touched, and experienced', and will be reborn as a facility where you can learn Expressway more happily than ever before.
Highlights include the 70-inch large-screen monitor, which introduces the history of the Expressway and opening of the company at once, and the inspection work of bridges carrying ropes (rope access), which can not be experienced in everyday life Expressway It is a content that allows you to experience the work with 360° VR (virtual reality) video with plenty of realism.
On the day of the opening, a preview will be held for journalists. We would like to ask for your visit to the reborn Communication Plaza Fuji, including a ceremony inviting local residents.
The Communication Plaza is also located in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. This was renewed in March of this year in advance, and the number of visitors after the renewal has increased 1.9 times so far, and it has been very popular.
Today, we also have a pamphlet for Communication Plaza Kawasaki, so please visit and cover it again.

[About the briefing session for the bereaved family at the Sasago Tunnel ceiling plate fall accident]

Finally, it is news about briefing session to bereaved family of Sasago Tunnel ceiling board fall accident.
See Appendix 7.
We have inherited the `` 3-Year Plan for Improving Safety'' with a strong determination that our biggest mission is to keep providing safe Expressway to our customers, never forgetting the accident of the ceiling plate falling off the Sasago Tunnel Based on the "Five Initiative Policies", we are working to improve safety.
As described in Document 7, we have decided to provide a chance to explain the status of these efforts to the bereaved family at a hotel in Shin-Yokohama on Friday, September 7th.
At the time of the briefing, we will disclose the opening seating status to the press and will receive an interview with me after the briefing.
If you would like to report, please check Document 7 and apply.


These are the topics we have prepared today. Now, let's receive your questions.


Regarding the 6 lanes of Shin-Tomei Expressway, it is said that there will be sections where construction will be completed as soon as 2 years later, but please tell us when it is expected to be used as a whole with 6 lanes.


I can't say at this stage, but we want to get it in service as soon as possible.


Please tell us two points about Communication Plaza Fuji. The first point is the number of visitors per year and the renewal points such as “70 inch monitor” and “VR video” are introduced, but other special exhibitions and actual exhibitions are also new. Please tell me if it will be renewed or not.


The number of visitors is approximate because there are no detailed figures at hand, but in the first year of 2012, about 4,000 people visited the museum. Since then, it has averaged around 2,000 people annually. Regarding the second point, we are completely renewing everything except the large screen monitor and VR. In particular, in the part of the special exhibition, we would like to change the content of the exhibition, such as displaying seasonal topics depending on the period.


Although it is a little detailed story, for example, in the real thing exhibition, it is written as an exhibition such as `` parts used in the construction of bridges and tunnels of Shin-Tomei Expressway'', but whether the actual thing was not exhibited so far, or Is there any change in the display of Expressway parts or the increase in the amount of display?


There have been some actual exhibits. I want to enhance the content to be exhibited.


The recovery work at Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway is to be started as soon as possible. Please let us know if you have any plans to do so or if you have any thoughts on how to deal with heavy rain disasters.


Geological surveys are progressing, so I think we can start construction relatively soon, but we have not yet reached the point where a specific date will be announced. In addition, the slope with the deformation was a rock-cut slope, and various geological surveys have been conducted.However, it will be a time when rainfall will increase, so we would like to consider these and proceed with the design. You.


Regarding the traffic situation during the Bon Festival, the application date of the holiday discount was changed this year, and it was mentioned earlier that the effect was analyzed by a questionnaire survey. Please tell the target what kind of content is being implemented.


Each Expressway company conducts a web questionnaire for customers. The questionnaire asks you if you know the change of the holiday discount application date or if the schedule was actually changed. We would like to compare these results with data on traffic volume and the number of times of congestion, and analyze the effects of changing the application date.


It seems that your question has been interrupted, so this is the end of your regular meeting.