NEXCO CENTRAL (Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited)

Tomei Expwy Uri Tunnel lighting fixture fall event investigation study meeting

Investigate the cause based on the falling event of lighting fixtures that occurred at the Uri tunnel on the Tomei Expwy(In-bound), and consider the future response policy for tunnel lighting fixtures from a technical and professional standpoint. , And set up a study committee.

Committee list (titles omitted)

Yoshiro Iwai
Vice President, University of Fukui
Kentaro Yamada
Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University
Takashi Tamakoshi
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism General Manager, Bridge Laboratory, Road Structure Research Department, National Institute of Land and Infrastructure Management
Hideki Katayama
National Institute for Materials Science> Environment and Energy Materials Division Material Reliability Evaluation Unit Corrosion Analysis Group Senior Researcher
Toshiyuki Akasaka
(stock)Expressway Director, Facility Research Department, Facility Research Department, Research Institute of Advanced Technology

Contents of proceedings

First Committee

Second Committee

3rd Committee


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