NEXCO CENTRAL (Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited)

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The E8 Hokuriku Expressway Out-bound Line between Tsuruga IC and Imajo IC is closed due to a landslide.

May 20, 2015 Miyaike President briefing

Conference Summary


Thank you for waiting. The 103rd regular meeting will now begin.


[Miyaike president]

Let's talk about the topics we have prepared today.


[Current status of business (April 2015)]

See page 1 of document 1.

Regarding operating conditions, toll revenue in April was 51,835 million yen, an increase of 7.5% from the same month of the previous year, and the number of traffic per day was 1,855,000 units, 1.3% of the same month of the previous year. Has increased.

Until April of last year, ETC car-only special discounts such as weekday daytime discounts were provided for toll income. Due to the end of this discount, the average trend was 23.9% over the last year. Even after April of last year, there was a 20% difference in the discount, which was originally 3 discounts for holidays, and remained unchanged at 5 discounts until June, resulting in a 7.5% increase from the same month last year. This trend is expected to continue until June.

With regard to the number of vehicles passing through, due to the revision of the toll system in April last year, the average trend of decreasing by 3.6% continued throughout FY2014. April of this year was almost flat compared to the same month last year, which decreased.

Construction situation.

This is an overview of the construction work for the section scheduled to open in FY2015.

Shin-Tomei Expressway Hamamatsu-Inasa Junction to Toyota-higashi Junction 55km, the tunnel main works are all completed, and bridges and earthworks other than the section where the countermeasure work that has caused the review of the opening time are being completed are almost completed, and the whole line We are developing pavement work and equipment work. We are proceeding as planned with regard to measures to prevent the slope cut, the disposal of heavy metals and other sediments, and the measures to prevent the settlement of bridges, which caused the revision of the opening date.

The opening target is at the end of FY2015 at the moment.

Shin-Meishin Expressway Yokkaichi Junction to the Yokkaichi North Junction 4km and the Tokai-Kanjo Expwy Yokkaichi North to Toin 1km, earthwork and bridge construction are being fully developed over the entire line. The pavement work is currently in preparation for the construction start, and is scheduled to start next month. We are expanding our business with the aim of opening it by the end of fiscal 2015.

We will do our utmost to open the service as soon as possible. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

See page 2 of document 1.

Regarding the ETC situation, the average daily usage rate in April was 91.2%.


Next is the situation of the service area.

The total number of service areas and parking areas remains unchanged at 177 locations.

Sales in the service area in April were 13,491 million yen, down 3% year-on-year. Sales in the Food and Beverage Sales Division decreased by 1.7% year-on-year.

The reason for the decrease was that the weather was generally poor compared to last year, due to the fact that there were many off-season snowfalls and rains in the Kanto region.

In addition, the April lineup also affected, with the holiday on April 29 being Wednesday, and the five consecutive holidays from May 2 to 6 being a full-scale GW.

Sales of gasoline decreased by 6.1% year-on-year. The reason is that all oil types are below the selling price of the previous year.


Although it is not in the document, we will inform you about the situation of the commercial complex "Terrace Gate Toki" that opened in Toki City on April 24th.

We would like to thank all the media who have covered us for the grand opening.

Since the Grand Opening has coincided with the Golden Week period, we welcomed people from Toki City as well as from neighboring cities. Although it is a preliminary value calculated for about 3 weeks after the grand opening, about 190,000 people at the entire facility come to many customers.

In the future, we would like to continue to make the facility more attractive for more people to use and to revitalize the local community.


[Tokai-Kanjo Expressway and Shin-Meishin Expressway Interchange Junction Name]

See Appendix 2.

Toward the opening of the 2015 year-end, it has promoted the development Shin-Meishin Expressway of Yokkaichi from junction Tokai-Kanjo Expwy of Toin for the section of the interchange, has decided the name of one of the interchange (IC) and one of the junction (JCT).

The IC located in Toin cho, Inabe-gun, Mie Prefecture is called "Toin Interchange" and the JCT located in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture is called "Shin-Yokkaichi Junction".

Considering that these names are (1) clear and simple, (2) clearly indicate the location, (3) not to be confused with other place names or facilities, in consultation with local governments along the line, It was decided after proceeding with the related organizations.

With this announcement, we hope that the media and all the public relations magazines of prefectures and cities will be able to familiarize yourself with these names to your customers and local residents.
We will continue to work on the construction for the early opening, so we ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.


[Countermeasures against reverse running]

Please see document 3.

Expressway I would like to report the status of efforts to prevent reverse run and future measures.

The Company, Expressway from the fact that frequently the wrong-way driving in, on September 10 last year Expressway published a reverse run of occurrence and accident prevention measures in, article 2 pages until March of this year At the six locations listed in Table 1, measures have been completed for (1) large arrow road marking, (2) high-intensity arrow board, and (3) rubber pole extension.

Since then, from the fact that accidents caused by reverse run has occurred, it was analyzed and reverse run occurrence location and the number of 4-year period from 2011 2014, occurred in our tube Expressway reverse run in the past The number has reached 126 in four years.

In addition to analyzing the location and the number of cases of this reverse run, we will also receive feedback from academics and experts, and this year, we will implement the five countermeasures newly listed in Table 2.


I would like to ask when I found a reverse running car.

(1) Reverse running vehicles tend to drive in the overtaking lane. If you have information about a reverse vehicle on the information board or highway radio, slow down the vehicle and take a sufficient distance to drive safely.

(2) If you find a reverse vehicle, please make sure to keep the customer's safety and call the staff at the toll gate, emergency telephone or road emergency dial (# 9910). If you call us, we will inform you immediately by the information board and highway radio that there is a reverse running car.


[Status of traffic accidents]

See Appendix 4.

A request for traffic safety on Expressway.

From January 1, 2015 to yesterday (5/19), Expressway in our jurisdiction suffered 27 traffic fatal accidents and lost the lives of 28 people. Especially after April, the number of traffic accident fatalities is the highest compared to the past five years.
As for the trend of traffic fatal accidents this year, the number of accidents involving motorcycles is very large, accounting for 1/4 of all accidents.

When using the Expressway, please keep a sufficient distance between vehicles and use at a safe speed.

We will continue to work on traffic safety measures for Expressway order to ensure that customers using Expressway can use them safely, comfortably and comfortably.


[Implementation of concentrated construction]

Finally, I would like to ask you about intensive construction.

We carry out intensive construction every year during spring and autumn when the traffic is relatively light and the weather is stable. This centralized work centralizes the maintenance and improvement work required to manage the Expressway which makes it possible to significantly reduce the number of construction regulations and the number of traffic jams per year.

Please see the leaflet.

Centralized construction of the Chuo Expressway has begun on Monday, May 18 this week. The construction will be continued until 29th (Friday) on weekdays except Saturdays and Sundays, and day and night. Please note that there will be interchange closures during the period.

Also, from May 25th (Mon) to June 6th (Sat) next week, Higashi-Meihan and Mei-Nikan Expressway refreshing work will be carried out with interchanges and nighttime closures at the junction.

Prior to this refreshing work, we plan to close Yokkaichi Junction at night tomorrow on the evening of 21st due to the construction of a bridge using a large crane, which is one of Japan's largest 1250t hanging cranes in Shin-Meishin Expressway.

Next, we will carry out the Meishin intensive construction from Monday, June 8th to Saturday, June 20th.
Please be aware that even in Meishin, there are some interchange closures and night traffic closures during the period.


These are the topics we have prepared today.



Now, we are ready to receive your questions.



Shin-Tomei Expressway opening of Aichi Prefecture section of Are you sure you want at the end of this year. Are there any sections that will be opened in advance?

[Miyaike president]

As planned, by the end of the current fiscal year, 55km from HamamatsuInasa JCT to Toyota-higashi JCT will be fully opened.



After the grand opening of Terrace Gate Toki, there were a total of 190,000 visitors, but I heard that the initial plan is to expect 1.7 million customers annually, but the president said this number. How do you rate?

[Miyaike president]

I am grateful that this is a very large number, but this time it was a result of consecutive holidays, so I would like to look at the situation for a while and evaluate it.


Do you know the sales?

[Miyaike president]

Currently counting.



This year is the final year of the 3-Year Plan for Improving Safety. What are your thoughts on safety measures for the next year and beyond?

[Miyaike president]

3-Year Plan for Improving Safety is a priority and focused implementation of safety improvement measures over the last three years, and this is not the end. We recognize that safety measures are an everlasting issue, and we will continue to work on them.



With regard to the reverse run countermeasures, will you revisit the measures in response to the recent accident in the area? Also, do you have any plans for how to implement reverse run countermeasures as a whole?

[Miyaike president]

At this stage, we are giving priority to areas where there are many reverse runs and where fatal injuries have occurred, but we will continue to make efforts while looking at the effects of this countermeasure and the situation of future reverse runs. I will.


Please tell us the results of the measures taken so far.

[Miyaike president]

At the location where the measures were implemented last year, no reverse run occurred after the measures were taken.


Is it okay to understand that 126 out of NEXCO CENTRAL jurisdictions are not so large compared to 739 outbreaks nationwide in the past four years?

[Miyaike president]

We think that the management extension of our company is about 2000 km and there are regional characteristics for about 9,000 km of Expressway nationwide, so I can not say that there are many in general.


Are there any measures specific to NEXCO CENTRAL?

[Miyaike president]

The measures taken this time were to ask opinions from people with academic knowledge in various fields, such as "the field of vision is downward", "the field of vision is narrowed", and "the ability to read kanji is reduced" among the elderly who account for 70% of reverse run. Refer to the characteristics, Expressway companies should implement unified measures such as marking highly visible arrows on the road surface, setting rubber poles on the ramps, and installing arrow boards indicating the direction. The above is not a unique one of our company.



Regarding the Terrace Gate Toki, the next candidate site is still blank, but is it a direction to strengthen commercial facilities as a pillar of related businesses?

[Miyaike president]

In related businesses, we are promoting a wide range of businesses, including commercial facilities such as Terrace Gate Toki and overseas development of Expressway technology. Regarding commercial facilities, we will consider any such stories in the future, even in the sense that the Expressway will contribute to regional revitalization in cooperation with the region.


Are related businesses such as service areas and Terrace Gate Toki aiming to Large as businesses other than toll income, or are they just complementary?

[Miyaike president]

With regard to related businesses, we plan to broadly proceed with commercial facilities, overseas businesses, development of new technologies, etc., and in the future we must consider expansion while also considering the volume of new Expressway construction business. I am thinking.



Please let me know if you know the specific opening time of Tokai-Kanjo Expwy and Shin-Meishin Expwy.

[Miyaike president]

Construction is currently underway on all sections. As soon as the prospect of opening is decided, we will announce it to the media as soon as possible.


Yokkaichi from JCT Toin IC between the Yokkaichi from JCT Yokkaichi north JCT, Yokkaichi from north JCT Toin IC Will be opened separately in between.

[Miyaike president]

At the same time, we are proceeding with construction so that it can be opened within this fiscal year.


Were there any local requests regarding the installation of Toin IC?

[Miyaike president]

Installation of Toin IC was decided in the maintenance plan of Tokai-Kanjo Expwy, and we are proceeding according to this plan. The name has been decided today, so I hope that everyone in the area will be familiar with it in the future.


Do you have any plans to make SAPA in this section?

[Miyaike president]

There are no plans.



It seems that your question has been interrupted, so this is the end of your regular meeting.