NEXCO CENTRAL (Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited)

Inspection plan for road structures

Inspection plan for road structures

Based on the provisions of ministerial ordinances and notifications on maintenance and repairs (Road Law Enforcement Regulations, enforced on July 1, 2014), bridges, tunnels and sheds / large culverts, pedestrian crossings, gate-shaped signs, etc. )), The NEXCO CENTRAL Jurisdiction has established an inspection plan for the next five years.

Target structure

Pedestrian overpass





Road accessories (shed)

Large culvert

Road accessories (large culverts)


Road accessories (pedestrian crossing)

Gate type signs

Road accessories (gate signs, etc.)

Road facilities unit Inspection plan
H26 H27 H28 H29 H30 total
Bridge bridge 384 860 1,161 959 1,032 4,396
tunnel Location 2 70 93 90 120 375
Road accessories Facility 328 581 490 463 600 2,462

* Subject to change after consultation with related parties
* In addition to the above, there are 1,171 culverts managed by our company

Inspection results of road structures

NEXCO CENTRAL The results of inspections conducted in 2014 for bridges, tunnels, road attachments, etc. in the jurisdiction are summarized.

Road facilities unit Number of managed facilities Number of inspections performed Inspection rate Judgment category
Bridge bridge 4,396 379 9% 3 296 80 0
tunnel Location 375 2 1% 1 1 0 0
Road accessories Facility 2,462 344 14% 200 137 7 0

* In addition to the above, the number of inspections conducted on Mizo Bridge is 128 (Ⅰ: 13; Ⅱ: 115)

The inspection results of the soundness of bridges and tunnels are classified into the following four stages.

Division Status
Healthy The state where the function of the structure is not hindered.
Preventive maintenance stage There is no problem with the function of the structure, but it is desirable to take measures from the viewpoint of preventive maintenance.
Early action stage A condition in which the function of the structure may be impaired and measures must be taken early.
Emergency action stage A condition in which the function of the structure is or is very likely to occur and urgent action must be taken.


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