NEXCO CENTRAL (Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited)

Important Notice

The E8 Hokuriku Expressway Out-bound Line between Tsuruga IC and Imajo IC is closed due to a landslide.

02 May 25, 2015 Miyaike President briefing

Conference Summary


We have been waiting for you. We have just begun the 101st regular conference.

[Miyaike president]

We apologize for starting the conference.

At around 22:30 on February 24, our employee was arrested for drunk driving and injured. We sincerely regret and deeply apologize to all those involved, including those affected. We have been working hard to eliminate the discipline of our employees before, and have been alerted that drunk driving is not allowed.

Regarding this matter, we will take strict measures after confirming the facts.

I'm really sorry.

Let's talk about the topics we have prepared today.


[Business status (January 2015)]

See page 1 of document 1.

In terms of business conditions, toll revenue in January was 49,208 million yen, an increase of 23.6% compared to the same month last year. In addition, the average number of traffic per day was 17,16,000 units, a decrease of 5.8% compared to the same month last year. have become.

Toll revenue has continued to increase since the review of the fee discount system in April last year, and the same trend was observed in January.

Since the review of the fare discount system in April last year, the number of traffic has been declining due to the continued downward trend compared to the previous year and the impact of heavy snow closures.


Next is the construction situation.

Ken-O Road The extension of 4km between Samukawa Kita Interchange and Ebina Junction will be opened at 21:00 on March 8 (Sun).

With this opening, Shin-Shonan By-Pass, Tomei Expressway, Chuo Expressway, Kan-Etsu Expressway is connected, Ken-O Road network is completed in the west, by the AC of broad-based people and of the activation and new tourism demand of local industries We look forward to arousing.

In addition, the Sagamihara Interchange between the Sagamihara Aikawa Interchange and the Takaoyama Interchange will be announced at 12:00 on March 29 (Sun).

55 km from Shin-Tomei Expressway Hamamatsu-Inasa Junction to Toyota-higashi Junction, measures to prevent the collapse of cut slopes, treatment of sediment containing natural pyrite and heavy metals, and settlement measures for bridge foundations, which were factors that led to the review of opening times, are planned. It is progressing as expected.


See page 2 of document 1.

Next is the situation of ETC. The daily average utilization rate in January was 91.3%.


Next is the situation of the service area.

The total number of service areas and parking areas remains unchanged at 177 locations.

Sales in the service area in January were 13,640 million yen, down 8.5% from a year earlier. Food & Beverage sales declined 6.6% year-on-year. The decrease was mainly due to snowfall at the end of the New Year and the end of the month. Gasoline sales declined 12.8% year-on-year. The decrease was due to a sharp drop in unit sales prices in January due to falling crude oil prices.


[Linear Chuo Shinkansen]

We do not have any handouts, but we have announced today that we have concluded an agreement with Tokai Passenger Railway Co., Ltd. to support land acquisition related to the Linear Chuo Shinkansen project, which we had been discussing for some time.

The target area is Nagano Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, and Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture.

With the conclusion of this agreement, we will leverage our know-how in the construction of Expressway that we have cultivated over many years to support land acquisition for the Linear Chuo Shinkansen business.


[Concentration work, refresh work]

See documents 2-1, 2-2 and 2-3.

Chuo Expressway intensive construction work, from May 18 (Monday) to May 29 (Friday), Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya Mei-Nikan Expressway refresh construction, until May 25 (Monday) from June 6 (Saturday), The Meishin intensive construction will be carried out from June 8 (Mon) to June 20 (Sat).

Concentrated work and refresh work are based on a 3-Year Plan for Improving Safety and summarize in a short period of time the work required to manage the road, such as repairing road surfaces, repairing bridges and tunnels, and preventing signs from falling. It is done day and night continuously. As a result, the work can be centralized, and the number of annual construction regulations and traffic jams can be significantly reduced.

Around the beginning of April, a website dedicated to concentrated construction will be set up, and details of the construction, such as estimated time required and regulatory information, will be announced.

During the intensive construction period, traffic jams and congestion may cause inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.


[Disaster prevention drills at service areas, parking areas, and toll booths]

Please see document 3.

Four years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011.

Based on the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have been working to build a support cooperation system with the SDF and other facilities, and to maintain stockpiles in service areas and parking areas.

The Tokai Earthquake, which is said to have an 88% chance within the next 30 years, the Nankai Trough Giant Earthquake whose damage assumptions were revised last year, and the earthquake directly below the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, which could affect Expressway in our area A large-scale earthquake is expected.

In preparation for such earthquakes, we will conduct disaster prevention drills at 391 locations, including 149 service areas and parking areas and 242 tollgates, with the aim of ensuring even greater safety for customers.

This training has been conducted since 2012, following the Great East Japan Earthquake, and includes customer evacuation guidance drills at tollgates on Expressway, customer evacuation guidance drills at service areas and parking areas, and disaster prevention stockpiles deployed. In addition to the operation training to actually operate the, AED operation training and the acceptance training of disaster dispatch medical teams are also planned.

For the media, the training will be released on March 13, 17 and 18 at the four locations listed on page 2 of Document 3 at hand.


[Spring drive plan, price plan discount]

See Appendix 4.

At present, we have unlimited Expressway in the Hokuriku area to commemorate the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen on March 14 and the `` Quick Journey Spring Yamanashi Drive Plan, '' which allows unlimited rides on Expressway in the Yamanashi area. We sell "Hayariku Hokuriku Shinkansen opening commemorative drive plan".

The “Quick Journey Spring No Yamanashi Drive Plan” is a product that can be used as a departure and arrival destination in the Tokyo area, and has two areas according to the destination.

The “Hayariku Hokuriku Shinkansen Opening Commemorative Drive Plan” is a product that can be used with a rental car when going to Ishikawa, Toyama, and Fukui prefectures by using the Hokuriku Shinkansen with no designated arrival / departure area. We have prepared.

In order to use each plan, advance application from the Internet is required by the day before. For details, please see the flyer distributed.

Take this opportunity to use the Expressway to visit the fascinating Yamanashi and Hokuriku areas.


[Tamagotchi Highway Stamp Rally]

See Appendix 5.

Tamagotchi Highway Stamp Rally, the first Expressway collaboration with Bandai, will be held from March 14.

On March 21 (Sat.) and 22 (Sun.), the popular Tamagotchi Department Store on Harajuku Takeshita Street will open for a limited time in the Ashigara Service Area (Out-bound) on the Tomei Expwy, and our character “Michi” "Maru-kun" also appeared and welcomes you.

For details, please see the distributed materials.

If you're out on the Expressway this spring, be sure to stop by one of these service areas.


[Opening day of Terrace Gate Toki]

See Appendix 6.

We will inform you of the opening date of “Terrace Gate Toki” a commercial complex under construction in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture.

At a regular conference last December, we announced the name of a complex commercial facility “Terrace Gate Toki” under construction next to the Toki Minami Tajimi Interchange on the Tokai-Kanjo Expwy, but construction is proceeding smoothly , Will be grand opening on April 24.

“Terrace Gate Toki” consists of “hot bath facilities”, “regional cooperation facilities” and “community-based shopping centers”. Of these, the hot spring facility “Yorimichi Onsen” is called “natural hot spring” It is a facility that features a "open-air bath" with a view of the Tono area. In addition to the bath, there are also bedrock baths and restaurants, making it a facility where you can spend a relaxing day. This hot spring facility "Yorimichi Onsen" will open ahead of the grand opening on April 1st.

The regional cooperation facility “Machiyui” aims to discover unique products in the region and to create a base that conveys its appeal. In particular, the “challenge section” is for those who are trying to open their first store or sell new products. We support.

Prior to the opening, a preview is scheduled.

Once the details are decided, we will inform you again, so I hope you will cover it.


These are the topics we have prepared today.



Now, we are ready to receive your questions.



What is the specific content of the land acquisition agreement with JR Tokai?

[Miyaike president]

Support for land acquisition. Specifically, we will support the operation of site acquisition briefings, site surveying, checking compensation details and administrative procedures.


Is the contract period fixed?

[Miyaike president]

We will refrain from giving you specific details.


Were there any calls from JR Tokai about this agreement?

[Miyaike president]

I will refrain from answering. The participation of our company in the Linear Chuo Shinkansen business will contribute to society, and we have the know-how of land acquisition that we have cultivated over many years, so we decided to cooperate.


Do NEXCO CENTRAL employees ever do surveys on site?

[Miyaike president]

Surveying is ordered from a surveying company, but our employees may also be present to confirm boundaries with landowners.


Does it mean that NEXCO CENTRAL also performs contract work with surveying companies?

[Miyaike president]



What is the order value for this land acquisition support business?

[Miyaike president]

I will refrain from answering.


It means that you will be given advice and support, but how many people will be dispatched?

[Miyaike president]

We have more than 100 employees in charge of the site work, some of which will help.


Is it in the form of secondment?

[Miyaike president]

Instead of seconding, we will set up a specialized department in our company and work there.



Regarding the Terrace Gate Toki, I think that it is the first time to open a grand opening on April 24, the reason for opening the Michi Onsen on April 1 and the first such complex commercial facility Please let me know.

[Miyaike president]

In the service area and the parking area, we have developed a variety of initiatives in cooperation with the local community, and have been well received by customers. This time, the business will be outside the parking area and service area, but there is a Toki Minami Tajimi interchange on the Tokai-Kanjo Expwy. The interchange is the gateway to the area and attracts many customers. If you can create a facility like Terrace Gate Toki such a place and cooperate with the revitalization of the region, I think that it can contribute to regional development.

In the spring holiday season, we hope that many customers will use the service, so we decided to open it on April 24, just before the GW. "Yorimichi Onsen" was completed ahead of time thanks to the cooperation of construction workers, and preparations were completed, so we decided to open it in advance on April 1.


There is an outlet nearby, do you cooperate with anything?

[Miyaike president]

For example, I would like to consider putting a discount coupon, putting a pamphlet, or holding an event together.


Are any other Expressway companies operating such facilities off the Expressway as well?

[Miyaike president]

We are the first complex commercial facility.



Shin-Tomei Expressway The situation in the Aichi prefecture section. How is the construction progress and opening time?

[Miyaike president]

Thanks to you, we are progressing smoothly. Measures against cut slope failure, treatment of pyrite and heavy metal-containing earth and sand, and measures against settlement of bridge foundations are progressing as planned, and we believe that they can be opened by the end of 2015, which we promised.



We ask about disaster prevention. In the evacuation plan of Shizuoka Prefecture, the prefecture is considering an evacuation plan in preparation for a serious accident such as the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant, but there is a plan in Makinohara City etc. to use an interchange as an evacuation site. I think that evacuation plans will be set as evacuation routes and screening points such as Expressway and tollgates in the future. Do you cooperate as a company?

[Miyaike president]

We will continue discussions not only with Shizuoka Prefecture but also with related local governments, and we will continue to cooperate as we can cooperate.



We ask about Hokuriku Shinkansen. When the Hokuriku Shinkansen opens, those who are sightseeing in the area of Tokyo from the Nagoya area using the Shoryudo will go directly to Hokuriku on the Hokuriku Shinkansen, and the flow of people will change. It is said.

The aim of this drive plan is, was there a sense of danger that the number of people coming by car from Nagoya decreased?

[Miyaike president]

With the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, Kanazawa, Toyama, and other places have taken various measures, and we have planned this because it has become an increasingly attractive tourist destination. In addition, even if you are going to Hokuriku by car using the so-called Shoryudo from Nagoya, you can use this drive plan, so if you can enjoy Hokuriku using the Shoryudo not only on the Hokuriku Shinkansen think.


How do you think the flow of cars on the Expressway will change when the Hokuriku Shinkansen is completed?

[Miyaike president]

I don't think the flow of Expressway our jurisdiction will change so much. Rather, I think it will compete with airplanes and express buses from Tokyo.



Please tell us about your employees' drinking accidents.


At present, we have not yet been able to contact the person directly, but we have confirmed that after the training in Kawasaki city, we drunk and drunk and caused an accident.


What is after the training?


After the employees were trained, they drank alcohol at an exchange of opinions and then drunk.


Is it announced somewhere in Kanagawa Prefectural Police?


I heard that it was announced by Miyamae Police Station.


What kind of alerts do you usually issue internally about drunk driving?


Until now, we have held seminars on compliance and prevention of drunk driving as one of the educational activities for employees. In our company, employees sometimes drive a car for their work, so we distribute alcohol checkers to individuals and check in the form of interviews with bosses. In addition, we call compliance time and provide time for internal discussions. One of the themes of such discussions is to eradicate drunk driving. In addition, about once a month, we have distributed an internal e-mail magazine and provided information to eradicate drunk driving.


Please take specific measures to prevent future recurrence.


We will continue to do what we have done so far, and we will work hard to raise employee awareness by compensating for any missing parts, based on the detailed situation of the accident.



It seems that the question has been interrupted, so this will end the regular press conference.