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ETC & Discounts

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Toll Discount Information

Information on various discount systems and ETC discounts.

Large and frequent discount system

Large and frequent discount system

This is a discount system for large and frequently used customers.

Disabled person discount system

Person with a disability discount system

This is a discount system for customers with disabilities.


Haica coupon ticket

Refund of Haika and coupon tickets was completed on March 31, 2016, except for Abotoge Road.

This is a discount plan exclusively for ETC vehicles that offers unlimited rides in the tour area at a great price. [Advance application system]

Introducing how to use ETC.

How to get started with ETC

Getting started with ETC

Information on ETC Services.

How to use ETC correctly

How to use ETC correctly

Here is how to use it.

Information for smart IC

Information on Smart IC

Information on the smart interchange (smart IC) dedicated to ETC.

About motorcycle ETC

About motorcycle ETC

Information on use on motorcycles.

To fast travel members

Member registration / renewal / withdrawal / reservation status confirmation

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Related Information

Countermeasures for unauthorized traffic

Countermeasures for unauthorized traffic

Unauthorized traffic that illegally escapes tolls is a crime. We are strengthening measures to prevent illegal traffic.

Smart IC list

Smart IC list

You can check the smart IC installation location and usage conditions.