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Make with newspaper Expressway"Bridge" contest

Notice of end of Expressway "bridge" contest made of newspaper

This contest has ended with the 12th competition held in 2017.
Thank you very much for your participation.

Make with newspaper Expressway"Bridge" contest

The "Newspaper Expressway" Bridge "Contest" is a contest in which a "bridge" is created using only newspaper and adhesive, and the design and strength are competed.

Everyone who thought "newspaper is not a big deal", even a 100g newspaper can make a bridge that can withstand more than 50kg! ! ! Takaga newspaper, but newspaper.

What is a bridge contest?
By easily manufacture a material that can be anyone on the subject, point of view and that the recycling of resources, becomes an opportunity to have an interest in making things, feel the mechanical techniques such as roads and structures in the skin, "Expressway of It has been held for the purpose of becoming a “fan”.

The history of the tournament