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Guide for Driving on Snowy Roads

Guide for Driving on Snowy Roads
Unusual "winter Expressway What kind of measures should I take in advance? What points should I pay attention to while driving? We will give you all the information you need to know before running on the snowy road!
  • [Complete preparation] Things to do before the winter season arrives

    This is my first time to drive winter expressways!
    What should I prepare for?
    Any tips to hit the snowy roads?

  • [Collecting advance information] Plan well before driving

    Let’s plan a winter drive!
    Although, I don’t know the Do’s and Don’ts of driving on snowy roads.
    Where should I check the traffic and weather information?

  • [Tire knowledge] Prepare for snow! Learn about winter tires

    Snowy roads are slippery!
    What should I equip my car to avoid fishtailing on icy roads?

  • [Points to note on winter roads] Road surface conditions change depending on location and time

    Along with cold temperature and snow, winter roads are dangerous to drive.
    What road condition will be hazardous?
    Any dangerous places to drive? When is the most dangerous time of day to drive?

  • [Preparation for driving on winter roads] Let's hold here Tips for winter road driving

    Get ready for a winter road drive!
    Compared to ordinary roads, driving on winter roads
    What should I be careful about?

  • [Note on traffic regulations] Traffic regulations on winter roads that you need to know

    Driving on Expressway, traffic sign “Winter Tire Regulations” jumps out at me!
    What should I do in this case?
    We should familiarize ourselves with safety traffic regulations on Expressways.

  • [If you encounter this situation] Winter Expressway So beware of snow and ice working vehicles

    Driving on Expressway, a large, slow-moving car appears in front of me.
    What should I do if I find this car?

  • [Heavy snowfall in Kanto] Don't let your guard down! Winter Tomei /Shin-Tomei Expressway Tomei Gotemba

    I thought it never snows on Expressways in Kanto area, but here we have such heavy snow! 
    I want to know which areas of the Expressway are prone to heavy snowfall and to be icy in winter!