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Guide for Driving on Snowy Roads

Guide for Driving on Snowy Roads
Unusual "winter Expressway What kind of measures should I take in advance? What points should I pay attention to while driving? We will give you all the information you need to know before running on the snowy road!
  • [Complete preparation] Things to do before the winter season arrives

    Of winter Expressway This is my first time running!
    What preparation should I make?
    Is there any easy way to deal with winter roads?

  • [Collecting advance information] Plan well before driving

    I have to plan a drive!
    But what should I be careful about?
    Realtime Traffic Info Where can I see weather information?

  • [Tire knowledge] Prepare for snow! Learn about winter tires

    Tires slip on winter roads!
    I'd like to prepare tires to prevent slipping,
    What should I use when?

  • [Points to note on winter roads] Road surface conditions change depending on location and time

    A winter road that is worried about snow and cold.
    What kind of road is slippery and dangerous?
    Are there any places or times that require special attention?

  • [Preparation for driving on winter roads] Let's hold here Tips for winter road driving

    Get ready for a winter road drive!
    Compared to ordinary roads, driving on winter roads
    What should I be careful about?

  • [Note on traffic regulations] Traffic regulations on winter roads that you need to know

    If you are running, Expressway In the "Winter Tire Regulations" display!
    What should I do in this case?
    Expressway I want to know about traffic regulations that occur in Japan!

  • [If you encounter this situation] Winter Expressway So beware of snow and ice working vehicles

    Expressway A big car that runs slowly in front of you.
    It looks like you are working on something, but what are you doing?
    What should I do if I find this car?

  • [Heavy snowfall in Kanto] Don't let your guard down! Winter Tomei /Shin-Tomei Expressway Tomei Gotemba

    I thought it would n’t snow in Kanto Expressway However, it's so snowing!
    Heavy snowfall or freezing,
    Of winter Expressway I want to know the area to watch out for!