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Important Notice

Precautions regarding traffic regulations at the time of the Tokyo 2020 Games and traffic conditions in the Tokyo area

Information for road emergency dial

What is a road emergency dial?

The Road Emergency Dial is a special dial to report when abnormalities (breakdowns, falling objects, damage to roads, etc.) on main roads such as national roads and Expressway are discovered. Thank you for your cooperation.

Road emergency dial # 9910 If you find a "broken car", "fallen object", "damaged road", etc.

Calls can be made from landlines, mobile phones, PHS and public phones. (24 hours, free of charge)

  • Calls cannot be made from satellite phones or IP phones in the "050" band.
  • If using a dial line, switch to push tone transmission before using.
    Switching method: After the call is connected, press the "*" or "#" button on the telephone to switch.

Expressway abnormalities

For inquiries, opinions and requests regarding Expressway, please refer to the Customer Center​ ​Please call 0120-922-229 ".

How to use the road emergency dial

(1) We discover abnormality on Expressway!

If you see a broken car or a falling object

(2) Please call Road Emergency Dial # 9910

Please call from landline, mobile phone, PHS, public phone.

(3) Choose a road

Choose a Expressway.
It leads to the road control center.

(4) Tell the agent what is wrong

The staff will respond, so please let us know the location and situation where the abnormality was found.

  • Calls while driving are prohibited by the Road Traffic Law. Stop at a safe place such as a rest facility and call.
  • You cannot park or stop on the Expressway unless you cannot do so due to an accident or breakdown. It is very dangerous to park and stop, so please do not stop.
  • If you must stop the car on the main Expressway, stop at the emergency parking zone or on the shoulder of the road, place the flares and stop signs, and evacuate to a safe place such as outside the guardrail.
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