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Emergency call information

What is an emergency call?

Use it when an emergency such as an accident or breakdown occurs. Just pick up the handset and you will be connected to the Road Control Center. Please tell us about the situation of the accident or breakdown, whether you are injured, etc.

emergency phone

Where is it?

Emergency call

  • On the main line (every 1km)
  • Inside the tunnel (every 200m)
  • Interchange
  • Service area (SA), parking area (PA)
  • bus stop
  • emergency parking zone

It is installed in.

emergency phone

To use a person with a disability

For emergency telephones with buttons that indicate failure, accident, first aid, or fire status, press the appropriate button.
Even if there is no button, you can rest assured that you can find the approximate position just by lifting the handset. If conversation is difficult, please notify the occurrence of an emergency with a signal such as tapping the handset.

Emergency phone with a button indicating the status of failure, accident, first aid, or fire



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