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Expressway manner guide

Protect everyone happy drive, Expressway etiquette guide

Protect everyone and drive happy ♪

Because it is the road that various people use and various cars run on,
Follow the rules and manners, and use the Expressway safely and comfortably.
It is important for each other to have a compassionate and friendly relationship.

Etiquette when parking

Stop and park at a designated place! !!

Expressway shoulder and the acceleration lane and deceleration lane, such as service area is a parking and stopping prohibited by the Road Traffic Law! There is a risk of being rear-end collision, is very dangerous. I would like a break in the parking space in the service area and parking area.

Illustration where a car is running just near the wall NO! Shoulder
Illustration of three dozing driving cars in the left lane, overtaking them NO! Acceleration / deceleration lane
Illustration of a car getting angry behind the parking car NO! Other than parking space

Parking space for each model! !!

Parking spaces for "normal vehicles," "large vehicles," "motorcycles," and "buses" are located in the service area and parking area. Please park in the correct position according to the information displayed.

  • When crowded, the traffic controller may guide you to a parking space that is different from the vehicle type.

Illustration of a parking space for violation, trucks are parked in a normal car, motorcycles are parked in a wheelchair space, trucks are in a bus, and normal cars are parked in a large car

Two wheelchair parking spaces, illustration with cars parked on the right

Private parking for the physically challenged

It can be used by those who are injured, pregnant or elderly.
Dual-purpose cell, two large vehicles in parallel on the left side, and two ordinary vehicles on the right side in parallel

How to use the dual-purpose cell

The dual-purpose space is a parking space that can be used by both regular and large vehicles depending on the usage situation of the parking area (marked with a broken line). In order for many customers to use it comfortably, please use it for both regular and large vehicles. For ordinary cars, please cooperate in parallel parking.

Manners in the parking lot! !!

Parking without permission or in the acceleration / deceleration lane is prohibited. It's very dangerous.

Illustration of 10 men and women talking loudly in front of the parking space

Unauthorized meetings are prohibited!

Illustration of an ordinary car angry on a dozing driving truck

NO! Acceleration / deceleration lane parking

Idling STOP!

Idling STOP!

Unnecessary idling emits CO2 and causes global warming, as well as waste of fuel and noise. Turn off the engine during breaks in service areas and parking areas. Many local governments are implementing an idling stop campaign.
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Video "Expressway Manners Guide"

Click here for the video "Expressway Manners Guide".

Fastener confluence (67 seconds) The merging at the time of traffic jam is the merging of fasteners! !!
駐車場マナー編(99秒) Stop and park at a designated place! !!
No entry for pedestrians (83 seconds) NO ENTRY! Expressway is exclusively for cars
Key left (50 seconds) Smooth driving with key left! !!
Oblivious driving prohibition (58 seconds) Tilt driving is prohibited!
Driving within regulations (59 seconds) Driving within the regulations is prohibited!
キケン!!ながら運転編(30秒) キケン!!ながら運転編
キケン!!故障車への追突事故編(30秒) キケン!!故障車への追突事故編
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