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Construction Info

Map of scheduled construction work and restrictions

This is a guide on scheduled expressway construction work and restrictions using a map. On the map, you can also check closures due to various construction work, refurbishment and renovations, and intensive construction; and check traffic congestion lengths and the duration of forecasted traffic congestion due to lane restrictions.

ETC Lane / Wide Lane Closure Information
The schedule for ETC lane closures due to construction work and inspection is posted here.
Information on scheduled construction work and restrictions
The schedule of construction work and restrictions due to construction and inspections is posted here.


This is information about scheduled construction work and restrictions such as intensive construction work and renovations.

Notice regarding construction work and restrictions with a heavy impact such as intensive construction work

Expressway Renewal Project

The Expressway Renewal Project aims to maintain the expressway network's functions safely over the long term. This will be achieved by taking essential and effective measures from the perspective of minimizing the life cycle costs of main body structures (all costs required until a structure's purpose is completed), preventive maintenance (maintenance conducted before damage and malfunctions occur), and performance improvement.

Expressway Renewal Project