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Navigation Sign Maps

How to read signs

Entrance Information Signs

Signs to provide both the name of expressways and Interchanges and the direction for expressway entrances have been installed at major intersections of genereal roads leading to expressway entrances.

Directional Information Signs

Signs have been installed to provide directions for entering or exiting expressways at interchange junctions.

Directional information for entering expressways
Directional information for exiting to general roads.

Destination and distance verification signs

Signs have been installed at points immediately following the entrances to expressways to indicate the name, direction and distance to the following interchange.

Exit information signs

Signs have been installed to provide directions, the exits and advance notices for upcoming expressway exits, and connecting roads.

Expressway resting facilities information signs

Signs describing the facility have been installed at or near the entrance to expressway service and parking areas.

Parking and rest facilities sign (Service Area)
Parking and rest facilities sign (Parking Area)
Signs for the facilities available at parking rest areas (Parking Area)