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Guide for Driving on Snowy Roads

Winter road driving attitude​ ​Here are some tips for winter road driving

  • Q1​ ​ What should I keep in mind while driving?

    A1​ ​ Drive with "slow" and "slow" operation!

    Do not drive as normal on snowy or frozen winter roads. Switch to winter mode in your head. Sudden accelerator / brake operation on snowy roads and frozen roads is extremely dangerous as it can cause spin. Careful operation with the keywords “slow” and “slow” at the beginning of movement and acceleration / deceleration. And keep the distance between the cars more than usual and try to drive with ease.

    • Drive with "slow" and "slow" operation!
    When do you start?
    For manual transmission vehicles, use 2nd gear, and for automatic transmission (AT) vehicles, start using the creep phenomenon. Carefully accelerate the tires to prevent them from spinning. AT cars may have a function to suppress sudden start, such as snow mode (* 1), so it is good to use.
    * 1: Names and functions vary by manufacturer.
    In the curve?
    Let's slow down before we get to the curve. If you turn a curve while applying the brakes, the tires may lock suddenly and the steering wheel operation may not work. Always keep in mind that if you use a brake on a snowy road where the frictional force is weak, the curve will be straight as well as the tire will lock faster than usual.
    Out-bound On the slope?
    If you use only the foot brake on the winter road, the tires will be locked and the brake may not work. Out-bound When you get to the slope, use engine brakes and try to slow down without relying only on foot brakes.
  • Q2​ ​ What should I be careful about when driving on winter roads?

    A2​ ​ It is important to drive with plenty of feelings!

    Let's refuel early
    Winter road driving that requires slow and careful driving takes more time than usual. The fuel will decrease as you look at it. Let's refuel early and early in case of unexpected situations.
    • Let's refuel early
    Remove snow from the car before you start running
    Driving with snow on the car is very dangerous because the snow may fall on the windshield when the brakes are applied and the field of view may be blocked. Also, the snow on the tire house can interfere with the steering wheel operation. Don't forget to snow the soles of your shoes to keep your feet from slipping while you drive.
    When loading skis and snowboards on a carrier
    When stacking skis and snowboards on the carrier, load the board with the warped end facing backward in the direction of travel. In the case of a board that is warped at both ends, it does not matter which direction it is in, but be careful of the speed because it receives a large wind pressure. If the wind pressure is strong, the carrier on which the plates are loaded may come off the vehicle and cause a serious drop accident (*). It is important to check that the loading section is tight before operation.
    * Damage caused by falling objects on the road is the responsibility of the owner.
    Watch out for deteriorating vision
    In cold weather, visibility is often poor due to snowstorms, snowstorms, and fog. It is important to be aware of the possibility that the weather will worsen even in the field of view that you can still drive normally. If you begin to feel difficult to see around, slow down and drive carefully.
    When the field of view worsens and you can't even see the lights of the car in front, it's a very dangerous situation. At times like this, it's close to slow driving. In the event of a snowstorm or snowstorm, not only turn on the front headlights, but also flash the hazard lamps to inform the surrounding cars of the location and prevent contact accidents due to poor visibility.
    ★ NEXCO CENTRAL One point!
    Use SA / PA for a moderate break
    Driving on winter roads is not only a matter of concern, but it can also make your body tired more easily because of poor visibility due to snowstorms. It is dangerous to drive while your concentration is reduced. Use the service area and parking area to take a break early.
    • Use SA / PA for a moderate break
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