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Guide for Driving on Snowy Roads

Heavy snow falls in Kanto Don't be careless! Winter Tomei / Shin-Tomei Expressway Tomei Gotemba

  • Q1 Is there no worry about snow on the Kanto Expressway?

    A1 No, snow falls on the Tomei and Shin-Tomei Expwy!

    Snow falls on the Tomei and Shin-Tomei Expwy!
    Tomei Expwy and the Shin-Tomei Expwy are free from snow even in the middle of winter ... Do you think so?
    In fact, heavy snowfall can occur in areas where snow does not usually fall much. Around Gotemba in Shizuoka Prefecture is a caution area where the amount of snowfall is large and the weather changes drastically. Gotemba Interchange (at an altitude of 454m) is the highest point of the Tomei Expwy, and Gotemba Junction (at an altitude of 405m) is the highest point of the Shin-Tomei Expwy. In addition to this altitude, due to the southern coastal cyclone off Shikoku, winter snow near Gotemba is severely affected.
    Be sure to wear winter tires!
    It is not surprisingly known that heavy snow falls on Tomei Shin-Tomei Expwy, and there are many vehicles without winter tires and tire chains, and many drivers unfamiliar with winter road driving.
    Between Oi-Matsuda Interchange at Tomei Expwy and Numazu Interchange and between Gotemba Junction at Shin-Tomei Expwy and Nagaizumi-Numazu Interchange, vehicles that cannot be driven due to snow (stuck) and the accompanying stagnation Vehicles may occur, causing heavy traffic and traffic closures.
    When you enter this area in the driving route, please take measures against winter roads before using.
    ★ One point from NEXCO CENTRAL!
    Always wear winter tires when driving on a winter Expressway!
    When the heavy snow forecast is announced, make a reasonable driving plan in preparation for unnecessary emergency outings!
    Record heavy snowfall in the Kanto Koshin region in 2014

    From February 14 to 15, 2014, snow continued to fall mainly in the Kanto Koshin region due to the influence of the southern coastal cyclone, resulting in a record heavy snowfall. Especially in Yamanashi Prefecture, we observed snowfall that greatly updated the deepest snowfall record of the month. (See graph)

    Many stack vehicles occur

    Hundreds of vehicles without winter tires or tire chains were stuck (stuck because they could not climb uphill), and the following vehicles stayed on the main Expressway, up to 40 km on the Tomei Expwy Traffic congestion.

    • Many stack vehicles occur
    Prolonged suspension of traffic over a wide area

    Due to the occurrence of stuck vehicles, snow removal work by ladder running became gradually impossible, and the Expressway was closed for a wide area. After that, snowfall continued, and the total amount of snowfall on the Tomei Expwy reached 126 cm without snow removal work.

    Vehicles stay on the main Expressway for a long time

    Rescue work for vehicles stuck on the main line at Expressway was performed overnight, but the amount of snow was heavy and it took about 24 hours to rescue all vehicles.

    • Vehicles stay on the main Expressway for a long time
    • Vehicles stay on the main Expressway for a long time
    When it is forecast that the weather is going to be extremely bad, such as heavy snowfall, please avoid unnecessary and urgent outings. If you need to go out, make a reasonable driving plan, be prepared and drive carefully.
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