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Guide for Driving on Snowy Roads

Collect advance information Plan well before driving

  • Q1 What are the precautions when making a drive plan?

    A1 Plan with plenty of time and time!

    Choose a safer route
    There are many dangerous elements such as snowfall and poor visibility in winter road driving. Expressway When choosing a driving route, avoid routes that are likely to accumulate snow, even on short cuts, and choose safe routes with good road conditions. Also, Expressway Let's drive around the main road with a wide road. It is important to note that the car navigation displays the route when the road is in a normal state and does not take into account the road conditions at that time.
    • Choose a safer route
    Estimate extra travel time
    Winter roads need to run at a slower speed than usual due to snow and freezing on the road surface, which takes longer than expected. It is important to make a plan with sufficient time, such as leaving early so that you can drive safely without rushing.
    Prior information collection is important
    weather forecast, Realtime Traffic Info Let's check information about road conditions. In order to prevent you from getting caught in an unexpected traffic jam, it is essential to collect information not only on the day but also several days ago.
    In the case of heavy snow forecast, review of driving plan
    It is also important to review the driving plan without difficulty, such as avoiding unnecessarily going out in the event of heavy snow weather forecasts.
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    If you have any problems, please consult in the service area
    The drive compass Expressway You can search for prices and routes for NEXCO CENTRAL Provided website. With a route map that allows you to select departure and arrival interchanges on a map and a calendar that allows you to quickly see the days of the week and holidays, you can efficiently check the required time, route, and ETC discount rate. In addition, you can check various information such as service area and parking area information, so please make use of it when planning your trip.
    • Expressway Toll & Route Search Drive Compass
  • Q2 latest Realtime Traffic Info And how to get snow information

    A2 After all the Internet is convenient!

    • Internet
    By phone
    • Please use NEXCO CENTRAL Highway Telephone to collect information by phone. # 8162 from your mobile phone provides up-to-date Expressway traffic information 24 hours a day.
      NEXCO CENTRAL Highway Telephone
    • * On a general road, you will be connected to Japan Road Traffic Information Center at # 8011.
    • * Use of smartphones and mobile phones while driving is prohibited by law. When using the driver, be sure to stop at a safe place such as the service area.
    • By phone
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    iHighway Central Japan's My Route function
    NEXCO CENTRAL In iHighway Central Japan, if you set a frequently used route as My Route, you can receive e-mails about the start and release of traffic restrictions that occur on that route. Please set your route before you go out and use it for a comfortable drive.
    • NEXCO CENTRAL iHighway
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