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Guide for Driving on Snowy Roads

Complete preparation​ ​Things to do before the winter season arrives

  • Q1​ ​ What should I prepare?

    A1 We compiled it into a “checklist”!

    Use the checklist below to get ready for winter road driving.

    Studless tire chain
    Of winter Expressway So be sure to wear studless tires and prepare tire chains. Carry a jack to attach the tire chain. Due to the deep snow, a tire chain may be necessary suddenly, or it may not be able to pass through other than a vehicle equipped with a tire chain. You should also practice wearing tire chains in advance.
    Snow poker (snowbrush)
    Snow on the car and in the window is dangerous because it can obstruct the field of view while driving. It is a good idea to prepare a snow poker so that you can remove it as it accumulates.
    If the temperature suddenly drops and the keyhole freezes, or the wiper hardens and stops moving, it is useful to have a deicing agent that melts the ice.
    Shovel and rope
    Scoops are useful when shoveling snow. Recently there are also compact ones for in-vehicle use. It is a good idea to have a rope in case you get stuck (being stuck in the snow).
    Booster cable
    In winter, the battery is likely to be exhausted more frequently due to frequent use of the wiper and continuous operation of the heater. It is safe to have a booster cable.

    In addition, rubber gloves (gloves), boots, flashlights, and cold protection equipment are also available for when you have to spend a long time in the open air, such as when working in the snow or when the car stops moving. Let's prepare well.

    • Checklist
  • Q2 Where should I check my car?

    A2 Let's check mainly in the engine room!

    As the temperature falls and winter approaches, the car needs to be ready for winter. Here are some points to check with particular care.

    Batteries are extremely low in performance due to cold weather. Check the amount of liquid, specific gravity, voltage, and replenish the battery fluid.
    • battery
    engine oil
    Check the oil level and dirt level. Since the oil tends to harden at low temperatures, replenish and replace it after checking the viscosity.
    • engine oil
    Window washer fluid
    Winter roads tend to have poor visibility and more opportunities to use washers. It is safe to put a washer solution for cold regions that is resistant to the cold. When replenishing the liquid, let's replenish it in a state close to the stock solution.
    If the concentration of the coolant is low, it may freeze at low temperatures and damage the radiator. Let's check the appropriate amount, and replace the liquid when the concentration is low
    Wiper blade
    The wiper, which is used more frequently with snow drives, can't remove dirt and snow well if the blade is deteriorated. Check for deterioration and replace as soon as necessary.
    studless tire
    There are limits to the use of studless tires. Check before the season whether the depth of the groove on the surface has been reduced to less than 50% of the new one.
    ★ NEXCO CENTRAL One point!
    If you have any problems, please consult in the service area
    NEXCO CENTRAL Car service and advice for winter driving can also be provided at the gas station in the service area. If you think "?", Please feel free to contact your local staff.
    • NEXCO CENTRAL Gas station in service area
  • Q3 What if winter road equipment is not in time?

    A3 There is also a car rental option!

    You can also rent a car for winter driving. Car rental tires are often replaced with studless tires in winter (*), so I am happy that I don't have to change tires myself. It is safe because the washer fluid that is frequently used in snowy roads is always replenished from the beginning.
    * Depending on the rental car company, studless tires may be available as an option. Tire chains may also be added as an option.

    Notes on using a rental car
    There are limits to the use of studless tires. Check before the season whether the depth of the groove on the surface has been reduced to less than 50% of the new one.
    • Notes on using a rental car
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