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Guide for Driving on Snowy Roads

If you encounter this situation Of winter Expressway So beware of snow and ice working vehicles

  • Q1 I saw a car in work, what are you doing?

    A1 We are carrying out antifreeze spraying and snow removal work

    When the temperature drops and there is a risk of freezing or when it snows, two or three snow and ice work vehicles may be running. Introducing these winter snow and ice work.

    Antifreeze spraying work
    In order to prevent the road surface from freezing, anti-freezing agents (solid salt, salt water, etc.) are sprayed on the road. The antifreeze spraying vehicle is dispatched before the temperature begins to drop.
    • Antifreeze spraying work
    Snow removal work
    To ensure safe road conditions, snow removal is performed by a work vehicle equipped with a snow plow (plate-shaped snow removal device) on the front.
    Also, a snow grader called a motor grader removes hard compacted snow that cannot be removed with a snow plow. Near the Meishin Expwy Sekigahara, which is known as a heavy snowfall area, approximately 80 snowplows will be deployed at each interchange and service area, and snowfall will be performed every 15-20 minutes during snowfall.
    • Snow removal work
    Snow removal work
    Expressway The snow that has accumulated on the shoulder of the road is drained outside the main line by a rotary snowplow. Snow may be drained outside the main line with a dump truck.
    • Snow removal work
    ★ NEXCO CENTRAL One point!
    Please be careful about snow and ice working vehicles
    If you find it, do not overtake!
    Expressway If you find a snow and ice working vehicle above, please keep enough distance between you for safety and drive without overtaking the working vehicle. Since the road surface behind the work vehicle is maintained, you can drive safely compared to snowy roads and frozen roads.
    Enough distance between cars!
    If you get too close to the anti-freezing agent spraying vehicle, the anti-freezing agent may hit the car. In addition, salt may adhere to the car after traveling on the road surface with antifreeze sprayed or behind a snow and ice working vehicle.
    • Snow and ice work vehicle
    Real-time location of snow removal work `` Snow removal NAVI '' please use
    This is a dedicated website that provides real-time information on the work areas of "snow removal," "antifreezing agent spraying," and "icicle removal" in snow and ice work. You can use the Expressway more smoothly by checking the work location from your smartphone or PC before departure.
    (It is dangerous to use while driving, so please use it before departure or while the vehicle is stopped.)
    * Information service section NEXCO CENTRAL 's business area (route)
    * Information service period November 1, 2020-April 30, 2021