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If you see a reverse car
If you look at the reverse car information

If you find a reverse car

If you see or hear the information about the reverse vehicle, reduce the speed and allow a sufficient distance between vehicles to drive.

Reverse-running vehicles tend to drive in the overtaking lane.

If you find a reverse vehicle ahead, drive with care to avoid a collision.

Please call 110 from the passenger, an emergency call from the nearest service area, or ask the toll booth staff.

When you receive a report, you will be notified immediately of the presence of a reverse car on the information board or highway radio.

<If you run backward>

  • 1

    The median strip is on the left,
    If the sign is on the back,
    There is a possibility of reverse running.

  • 2

    If you run backwards,
    Stop at a nearby safe place,
    Turn on the hazard lamp.

  • 3

    Safe as outside
    Please evacuate to the place.

  • 4

    No. 110
    Please make an emergency call.