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Measures to prevent reverse running

Various countermeasures are taken to prevent reverse running

Various measures are being taken on Expressway to prevent reverse running.
For example, an arrow is displayed on the surface of a Expressway, etc., to indicate the direction of travel of the vehicle, thereby preventing reverse running.

Show arrow on road surface

When merging from the service area or toll gate to the Expressway main line, a rubber pole is installed at the merging point so that you do not make a mistake and go in the wrong direction.

Prevent reverse running with rubber pole

Also, to prevent accidentally entering the oncoming lane after passing through the toll booth, the toll booth plaza section * We are implementing deadline measures.
(Signages and road markings are installed at tollgates where the deadline is difficult to manage.)

* From the toll booth to the confluence section.

Deadline measures and installation of warning signs

There are also signs that call attention to vehicles that are likely to reverse. Notifying the driver who is going in the opposite direction, "I will not go here" will prevent reverse running.
In addition, there is a display panel that emits light only when a reverse vehicle is detected and displays a warning such as "Reverse" to remind you that you are traveling in the reverse direction.

Reverse running prevention device and reverse running prevention sign

<Efforts to prevent reverse running>

(1) Guiding the direction of travel by large arrow road markings, rubber poles, high-brightness arrow boards, and arrow road markings

  • Large arrow road marking, rubber pole, high brightness arrow board
    (Expressway main line junction)
  • Arrow road marking and exit guidance (rest facilities)

(2) Warning signs, no entry signs, and arrow road markings

  • Warning signboard (rest facility inflow section)
  • Arrow road marking,
    Warning signboard (interchange exit)


  • カラー舗装(一般道側)
  • 高速入口看板(IC入口部)


  • 料金所(入口)の案内看板
  • 料金所(出口)の案内看板

<Check the direction of travel! 〉

Check for signs and signs indicating that you must not proceed, and arrows that indicate the direction of travel, and proceed in the correct direction.
Rubber poles are installed at the junction with the main line to prevent turning.