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E8 北陸道 下り線 敦賀IC~今庄IC間は土砂災害のため通行止めをおこなっています ~長期間の通行止めが見込まれていますので迂回をお願いいたします~

Expressway manner guide

Protect everyone happy drive, Expressway etiquette guide

Protect everyone and drive happy ♪

Because it is the road that various people use and various cars run on,
Follow the rules and manners, and use the Expressway safely and comfortably.
It is important for each other to have a compassionate and friendly relationship.

Driving manners 1

Enough distance between cars! !!

If the distance between cars is not sufficient, there is a risk of a rear-end collision if the car in front of you brakes suddenly. “Flirt driving” is a malicious and dangerous act that leads to a serious traffic accident. In addition to violating the Road Traffic Act, you may be subject to a dangerous driving fatal injury (driving for obstruction) or a criminal assault.

Illustration of a car driving without a distance

If you are in a "driving", call 110 from a safe place

If you are hit by a following vehicle or witness a dangerous drive, do not drive in a safe area such as a service area.
Evacuate to a location and call 110 without hesitation.
Illustration of a person calling 110

Kiken! !! While driving

Use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited. Set it to drive mode and use it in service areas and parking areas. Approximately 40% of fatal accidents on Expressway occur due to unfocused attention. Never stop "while driving".

Illustration of a person driving while emailing and calling

Illustration of a car driving dozing

STOP! Dozing driving

Expressway In an environment where there are few movements such as driving, I feel drowsy every two hours even if I do not lack sleep. If you become drowsy while driving, take caffeine and take a nap for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Expressway Survey Research Committee on Effective Measures to Prevent Dozing Driving

Smooth driving with key left! !!

Drive in the driving lane (the left lane) unless you are overtaking the preceding car. It is against the Road Traffic Law to keep driving in the overtaking lane even when there is no car in the driving lane (left lane).

Illustration of a succeeding car that is in trouble with a car that keeps driving in the right lane without overtaking the preceding car

Be smart overtaking! !!

Illustration of a car with a turn signal to pass
After confirming the safety of the front and rear, issue a turn signal (winker) early and move smoothly to the overtaking lane.
  • Do not overtake after you approach the car immediately after you pass.
Illustration of a car accelerating so that it is not parallel to the passing car
Accelerate to avoid running alongside the passing car.
  • Do not pass over the speed limit.
Illustration of a car attempting to return to the left lane with a turn signal after taking sufficient inter-vehicle distance
Make sure that you have a sufficient distance between cars (so that the entire car can be seen in the rear-view mirror), then leave the turn signal and return to the driving lane (left lane).
Illustration of a car overtaking from the left lane


Both the passing side and the passing side are making concessions. The overtaking side should keep a certain speed until the opponent finishes overtaking. Passing from the left lane such as the driving lane, climbing lane, and the Yuzu lane is a violation of the Road Traffic Law.

Is that speed safe? comfortable?

The speed limit may change depending on the weather. Be careful of speed signs and drive at a safe speed that suits the weather and road conditions. Be especially careful in rainy weather, snowfall, and strong winds. Let's drive at a slow speed. It is very dangerous if you stop easily if you have a bad view, as it may cause a rear-end collision.

Illustration of a car in trouble because it seems to slip too fast in the rain

Illustration of a succeeding car in a traffic jam behind a car that has slowed downhill

Driving conscious of the flow of cars

Make sure to drive at a set speed and be aware of the flow of cars. You may be the cause of the traffic jam. Be careful not to lose speed when climbing slopes.
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Video "Expressway Manners Guide"

Click here for the video "Expressway Manners Guide".

Fastener confluence (67 seconds) The merging at the time of traffic jam is the merging of fasteners! !!
Parking lot etiquette (67 seconds) Stop and park at a designated place! !!
No entry for pedestrians (83 seconds) NO ENTRY! Expressway is exclusively for cars
Key left (50 seconds) Smooth driving with key left! !!
Oblivious driving prohibition (58 seconds) Tilt driving is prohibited!
Driving within regulations (59 seconds) Driving within the regulations is prohibited!
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