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Tourist guide book (Hokuriku Expressway music)

Hokuriku Expressway music

There are lots of useful information for driving such as illustration maps that cover the entire Hokuriku region, special articles on seasonal topics such as history, culture, and nature, and SA / PA gourmet information!

NEXCO CENTRAL In addition to the service areas and parking areas, roadside stations (part of Hokuriku / Kansai) and the antenna shops in the three prefectures of Hokuriku are currently being distributed!

"Hokuriku Expressway on one hand the music", please enjoy a nice drive journey.

Ishikawa Gate (Kanazawa Castle) / Ishikawa Prefecture
Mikurigaike Pond (Tateyama) / Toyama
Gokayama / Toyama
Kenrokuen / Ishikawa
Kumakawa-juku / Fukui Prefecture
Tojinbo / Fukui Prefecture
White rice Senmaida / Ishikawa
Maruoka Castle / Fukui Prefecture

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