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Important Notice

E8 北陸道 下り線 敦賀IC~今庄IC間は土砂災害のため通行止めをおこなっています ~長期間の通行止めが見込まれていますので迂回をお願いいたします~

Vehicle restriction order

The Road Law and the Vehicle Restriction Ordinance stipulate the maximum size (the general limit value) of the size and weight of vehicles passing on the road in order to maintain the structure of the road and prevent traffic danger. Passing vehicles that exceed the general limits (vehicles that violate the Vehicle Restriction Ordinance) can cause serious damage to the road and serious consequences in the event of an accident.

Vehicle specifications General limits (highest limit)
width 2.5 meters
length 12 meters
height 3.8 meters
(4.1 meters for designated roads) *
Gross weight 20 tons
(25 tons on expressway national roads or designated roads) *
軸重 10 tons
Minimum turning radius 12 meters
Special vehicles are required to pass vehicles that exceed the general limits of the Vehicle Restrictions Ordinance.
Please note that when you pass on the road, you may need to apply for permission / application based on other laws and regulations as well as special vehicle traffic permission based on the Vehicle Restriction Order.
* Regarding the increase in the permission limit for the width, which will be implemented from December 1, 2020
* About the allowable limit of length