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Important Notice


Accidents, breakdowns and punctures occur!

When an accident or breakdown (such as a puncture) occurs

Unlike ordinary roads, Expressway are full of danger. If you must stop due to an accident or breakdown, you may be involved in an unexpected accident.

(1) Do not walk (2) Signal to following vehicle (3) Evacuate (4) Report

(1) Never walk around

There are many accidents where people are hit on Expressway.

Be careful in such a case!

  • Evacuating or waiting outside the vehicle
  • Discussing between accident parties
  • Reporting
  • Repairing on the roadside / removing the tire chain

Don't stand on the street! Do not walk on the street!

Frequent traffic fatal accidents on Expressway! ~ Traffic accidents, characteristics and trends ~

(2) Signal to following vehicle

It is not always the case that the driver of the following vehicle is aware of the stopped vehicle ahead.

Signal at these three points!

  1. Hazard lamp lighting
  2. Ignition tube
  3. Installation of stop display equipment
When installing, move backwards along the outside of the guardrail or along the median.
  • Flame cylinders and stop indicators should be installed behind the car within a reasonable range. Also, be careful when moving.
  • When installing, move away from the lane and move through a safe place outside the guard fence such as guardrail.

Flame tube is mainly at the foot of the passenger seat

How to use flares

* Install stop display equipment and do not forget to blink the hazard lamp

Please display the stop display equipment

If you have to stop on a Expressway, you will be required to show the stop display equipment (Article 75-11 of the Road Traffic Act).

Stop display equipment

(3) Evacuation to a safe place

Do not stand around the car!
Does not remain in the car!

All drivers and passengers should pay close attention to passing vehicles and feet, and immediately evacuate to a safe place behind the guardrail or other protective fence behind the vehicle.
The inside of the car is not a safety zone. A rear-end collision has caused a fatal accident.

Inside the car is not a safe zone

(4) Report after evacuation

There are three ways to report. Please tell us the situation of the accident or breakdown and whether there is any injured person.

  1. No. 110
  2. emergency phone ※
  3. Road emergency dial (# 9910)
emergency phone
  • When moving to an emergency call, pay close attention to traffic vehicles and feet.

Flow after report

Flow after report

Even if you are contacted by a tow company due to a puncture or breakdown, or if you can deal with it yourself, please evacuate to a safe place and report it.

By receiving the report, the information board will indicate that the faulty vehicle is stopped, alerting the following vehicle, and, depending on the situation, a high-speed squad or traffic management team will go to the site and regulate lanes.

Emergency Call SOS: For emergency calls when you need to stop your vehicle on an expressway

Emergency Dial #9910: Call #9910 if you find a broken-vehicle, fallen objects, road damage, etc.

If you see an accident

Watch out for people nearby

If the car is stopped due to an accident or breakdown, there may be people nearby. Be prepared for danger by anticipating that people may suddenly come out.

Slow down and Safety on the Expressway

If there is an accident or a broken car, information will be provided on a road traffic information board or highway radio. Once you have the information, do not drive too fast and drive with caution.

Responding to accidents and breakdowns (video)

This video will show you how to deal with problems such as accidents and breakdowns on Expressway.

Response in case of accident or breakdown

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