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Occurrence and characteristics / trends of traffic fatalities

NEXCO CENTRAL Manage Expressway In 2016, 38 traffic fatalities occurred and 41 precious lives were lost.

Characteristically, while accidents involving only one vehicle or between vehicles have decreased, accidents involving motorcycles, Expressway The occurrence of an accident that collides with an unexpectedly stopped vehicle or person above is conspicuous.
We ask drivers and riders to drive at a safe speed with a sufficient distance between them and without a sidewalk.

Illustration 1

Traffic accident occurrence ratio graph

Traffic accident occurrence ratio graph

Traffic accident occurrence ratio graph

Expressway Please be careful of unexpected stop vehicles and people above

If the vehicle stops due to an accident or breakdown, do not overestimate that the following vehicle will be aware of it, send a signal to the following vehicle, evacuate to a safe place, and notify the vehicle. Pay attention to the front with the consciousness of “there may be vehicles and people…” and drive safely, especially during late-night and early-morning hours, when you tend to be ridiculous.

Three principles for emergencies
* Source: National Police Agency website

Expressway But what if!

(When stopped due to an accident, breakdown, etc.)

Expressway But what if

Requests when stopping due to an accident or failure

  • ◎ Do not walk around the main line or shoulder!
  • ◎ Sign to the following car with hazard lamps, flame tubes, and stop indicators!
  • ◎ Evacuate to a safe place such as outside the guardrail behind your vehicle!
    * Everyone evacuates without leaving the car!
  • ◎ Call 110 or emergency call / road emergency dial (# 9910)!
Requests when stopping due to an accident or failure

Safety on the Expressway Request about

  • ◎ Beware of vehicles and people stopping in front!
  • ◎ When stopping or slowing down at the tail of a traffic jam, turn on the hazard lamp and signal the following car!
  • ◎ Check road information frequently on information boards and highway radios!
    * Don't overlook accident / malfunction vehicle / congestion information!
  • ◎ Be sure to inspect the vehicle before departure so that no trouble or trouble occurs!
Safety on the Expressway Request about

Please be careful about accidents involving motorcycles

A motorcycle's sudden handle or brake may cause a serious accident such as a vehicle toppling over. Riders are advised to pay close attention to surrounding traffic conditions and drive while predicting danger.

  • ◎ Do not overestimate your driving skills and vehicle performance, and try to drive at your own pace!
  • ◎ Take frequent breaks with SA / PA to restore fatigue and concentration! In particular, if the wind and rain are strong, let's evacuate to SA / PA without overdoing it!
  • ◎ Don't do dangerous acts that ignore traffic rules and manners, such as slipping through traffic, running on the shoulders, and overtaking from the left side of the vehicle!

Requests for riders


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When driving on Expressway(safety drive)
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