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I found a falling object and hit a falling object!

If you find a falling object and hit a falling object

If you find a falling object or hit a falling object, please report it in the following way. When a report is made, information is immediately provided on the information board. After confirming the display of "falling objects", reduce the speed and drive with special care.

Contact from emergency phone

Please contact from the emergency telephone on the main line (every 1 km), inside the tunnel (every 200 m), at the interchange, service area (SA), parking area (PA), bus stop, emergency parking zone.

Emergency Call SOS: For emergency calls when you need to stop your vehicle on an expressway

Tell toll booths and SA / PA staff

When passing through the toll booth, inform the toll booth staff. Or tell the nearest SA / PA staff.

Contact from Road Emergency Dial (# 9910)

If you have a passenger while driving, please call the Road Emergency Dialer from the passenger. All national roads managed by Expressway and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism nationwide are available 24 hours free of charge.

Emergency Dial #9910: Call #9910 if you find a broken-vehicle, fallen objects, road damage, etc.

Falling objects are the responsibility of the person who dropped it! (Article 75-10 of the Road Traffic Act)

Falling objects are the responsibility of the person who dropped them. Hang the sheet and secure it with a rope to prevent the load from falling. If you are traveling for a long distance or for a long time, do not forget to re-check at SA / PA on the way.

Number of processing of falling objects (FY2018 NEXCO CENTRAL survey*)

Types of falling objects Number of cases processed
Plastic, vinyl, cloth (blanket, sheet, etc.) 25,500 cases
Automotive parts (tires, car accessories, etc.) 8,900 cases
Wood (square lumber, veneer, etc.) 7,500 cases
Road kill (animal carcass) 6,300 cases
Etc. 17,200 cases
total 65,400 cases

* The number of fallen objects handled by the traffic management team on roads managed by NEXCO CENTRAL

Response when a falling object is found (Video)

We will introduce how to respond when you find a falling object on Expressway with a video.

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