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Important Notice


ETC lane open / close bar does not open!

If the opening bar does not open

The open / close bar may not open due to forgetting to insert the card into the OBE or communication error. Here is what to do if the open / close bar doesn't open.

(1) Never let the car back! (2) Give a signal to the following vehicle and call the staff!

(1) Never let the car back!

If the opening / closing bar does not open, stop at the spot without panic. Do not let the car back, as it may cause a rear-end collision.

ETC gate

(2) Give a signal to the following car and call the staff!

Turn on the hazard lamp to prevent a rear-end collision and stop at that location. After that, please contact the staff using the intercom or call buzzer installed in the lane and follow the staff's guidance.


Passing through ETC lane (video)

A convenient and comfortable ETC lane, but misuse can cause accidents. Introducing how to use ETC lane with video.

Passing ETC lane

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