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ETC lane open / close bar does not open!

If the opening bar does not open

The open / close bar may not open due to forgetting to insert the card into the OBE or communication error. Here is what to do if the open / close bar doesn't open.

(1)絶対に車をバックさせない! (2)後続車へ合図をおこない係員の呼び出しを!

(1) Never let the car back!

If the opening / closing bar does not open, stop at the spot without panic. Do not let the car back, as it may cause a rear-end collision.

ETC gate

(2) Give a signal to the following car and call the staff!

Turn on the hazard lamp to prevent a rear-end collision and stop at that location. After that, please contact the staff using the intercom or call buzzer installed in the lane and follow the staff's guidance.


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