Introduction to Smart IC

What is Smart IC ?

  • Smart IC is an interchange exclusively for ETC.
  • Only vehicles with a valid ETC card and in-vehicle ETC equipment installed and setup in the designated manner can use them.
  • At Smart ICs, communications to open the bar will start after stopping before the bar, so please be careful when driving. If the bar does not open even after stopping temporarily please press the button to start communication.

Smart IC locations

You can check the locations of Smart IC and the conditions of use.

List of Smart ICs (Japanese link)


  • With Smart ICs, tolls are charged depending on the distance travelled from the departure IC.
    * In the case of Smart ICs where you can only enter or exit in one direction, since the route to use is specified you will be charged according to the distance of the route you used. In cases where you can get on and off in either direction and tolls can be based on more than one route the toll for the shortest route will be charged unless the actual route used exceeds twice the distance of the shortest route.
  • Please use Drive Compass to search for expressway tolls and routes Drive Compass

How to use Smart IC

  • Smart ICs are exclusively for ETC. Vehicles without in-vehicle ETC equipment cannot use. Always insert an ETC card in to the equipment when using.
  • Lanes can be closed without notice when necessary for road management. In this case, the Smart IC cannot be used. Please use the next IC.
  • Business usually handled at expressway toll offices such as payment of arrears is not dealt with.
  • For other details, please refer to the ETC System Usage Regulations and detailed rules.

Q. Are there any restrictions on using Smart IC?

A. There are Smart ICs where use is limited by vehicle category and time. Please check information on signboards etc. Please click here for opening hours, entry and exit directions and applicable vehicle categories at Smart ICs.

Q. Why do you have to stop even though they are ETC exclusive ICs?

A. At Smart ICs, stopping before the bars allows communication to be exchanged after which the bars open. Therefore, you need to stop when using.

Q. What happens if the bars do not open?

A. Please press the button located on the lane if the bars do not open due to a communication error, ETC card not inserted, etc. Communication will be tried again. If the bars still do not open, staff will contact you.

Q. Are usage certificates issued?

A. Usage certificates cannot be issued. (However, you can use the ETC usage inquiry service via the internet.)

Q. Can I use if I do not have ETC?

A. Smart ICs are exclusively for ETC, so payment methods other than ETC (cash, credit cards, highway cards, prepaid cards, etc.) cannot be used.

Q. Can any type of vehicle use?

A. There are Smart ICs where vehicle categories are limited. For details please click here. In addition, Smart ICs available for towing vehicles are used as follows.
If you enter at a Smart IC and exit from a regular IC, please use a manned lane and let the lane staff know.
Call up staff using the interphone if you enter at a Smart IC and exit at a Smart IC please call a staff member on the interphone.