Discounted sections

Expressways throughout Japan managed by the 3 NEXCO companies and some toll roads (Shin-Shonan By-pass, Ken-O Expressway, Seisho By-pass, Higashi-Fujigoko Road, Odawara-Atsugi Road, Isewangan Expressway, Tokai-Kanjyo Expressway and Abotoge Toll Road, etc.).

  • * Both rural and metropolitan areas on the route map are eligible.
  • * Keiyo Toll Road, Daisan Keihin Toll Road, Yokohamashindo Toll Road, Yokohama-Yokosuka Toll Road, Dainishinmei Toll Road and Kammon Tunnel are excluded.

Discount conditions

  • Drive through an ETC equipped entry interchange using the ETC system.
  • Drive the designated roads between 0 AM to 4 AM.

    • * ETC Time-restricted Discounts are applied based on the time you passed the entrance or exit tollgates.
    • * There are no restrictions on distance, time taken or days of the week.
    • * When eligible for both Late Night and Holiday discounts, only the larger discount will be applied (They are not applied cumulatively).

Discount rates

Approx. 30% discount

Usage examples