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Work-life balance

Work environment for  home employees  Work-life balance / welfare



System for pregnancy, childbirth and childcare



Female employee

Prohibit overtime and late-night work During pregnancy, you can restrict work outside of working hours, on holidays, and at midnight. (Pregnant to 1 year after childbirth)
Medical checkup leave During pregnancy or after childbirth, you can take leave (paid) to receive health guidance and health checkups. (Pregnant to 1 year after childbirth)
Commuting ease For commuting during pregnancy, you can change the commuting time to avoid transportation congestion. (Pregnant)
Maternity leave You can take leave (paid) for 6 weeks before childbirth and 8 weeks after childbirth. (6 weeks before delivery to 8 weeks after delivery)

Common to all employees

Childcare time You can get 30 minutes of paid childcare time twice a day for up to 1 year old. (Birth ~ 1 year old)
Childcare leave You can take a leave of absence for childcare until the end of the year when your child reaches the age of three. The period can be changed once. (Birth to 3 years old)
Partial suspension You can get 2 hours a day for raising children up to the 3rd grade of elementary school (short working hours system). (Birth-Completion of 3rd grade of elementary school)
Nursing leave You can take five days of leave (paid) every year to care for children up to the third grade of elementary school. (Birth-Completion of 3rd grade of elementary school)
Hourly leave for childcare etc. Until the end of the third grade of elementary school, you can take an hourly vacation (paid) for transportation or nursing of your child to school. (Birth-Completion of 3rd grade of elementary school)
Restrictions on overtime and late-night work You can restrict work until you enter elementary school, after working hours or on holidays, or at midnight. (Birth-elementary school entrance)
Start / end time change You can change the start and end times for your child's transfer to school or nursing until the end of the third grade of elementary school. (Birth-Completion of 3rd grade of elementary school)

Male employee

Spousal maternity leave When your spouse gives birth, you can take three days of leave (paid). (Day of hospitalization for childbirth-2 weeks after childbirth)
Childcare leave At the time of spouse's childbirth, you can take five days of leave (paid) before and after childbirth to raise the child who gave birth and the older brother and sister who are not in school. (6 weeks before delivery to 8 weeks after delivery)

Various systems to support employees

  • Introducing flexible work styles


  • Work-life balance special leave

    Every year from July to October, we give 8 days of special leave to support the improvement of physical and mental health of employees and the enhancement of family life.

  • Introduction of work area limited system

    To support the diverse work styles of each employee, we have introduced a system that allows employees who meet designated requirements such as child-rearing and long-term care to have a limited work location (no relocation) for a certain period of time. doing.

    * Some treatment is different from employees who do not apply the system.

  • Refresh vacation

    We provide refreshment leave to employees who have been working for many years.

  • Job return system

    We have introduced a job return system that provides opportunities for employees who have retired due to childcare or long-term care to return to work when the reason for retirement disappears and they are offered to return to work within a certain period of time.

* We are introducing a part of the system.


We support employees and their families through various welfare programs to enrich and enrich their lives.

  • Dormitory / company housing


  • Cafeteria plan


  • Health consultation

    We accept not only employee health but also family health consultations. You can also get counseling.

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