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Based on the idea that "employees are the greatest asset for the company", based on the "image of the desired employee"
We will develop "employees who can think and demonstrate leadership by giving top priority to safety".

Human resource development policy

NEXCO CENTRAL, in order to steadily implement our corporate philosophy, our role and our basic stance, we are human resources aiming for the desired employee image composed from the three perspectives of "knowledge," "attitude," and "behavior." We are promoting training. Based on OJT that develops employees through work, we will improve the skills of employees and develop their careers by functionally circulating with OJT through various training and self-development support.

Corporate Philosophy / Our Role

We prioritize safety above all else, provide a safe and comfortable Expressway space 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and improve the effects of the Expressway network.
By expanding to new values that will lead to the next generation, we will continue to contribute to regional revitalization and improved living, the growth of Japan's society and economy, and the sustainable development of the world.

Our Basic Stances

6 Horn
Basic posture
  • 01 Think from the customer's point of view
  • 02 Stand in the field and think and act
  • 03 Gather experience and knowledge
  • 04 Pursuing efficiency
  • 05 Continues to evolve in line with the times
  • 06 Face social issues
Autonomous problem formation at the site
Can be solved and give a sense of speed
Work efficiently
Employees to advance
World-class As a professional
Create new value and services
Diverse and advanced knowledge
 that can be done
Employees with technology
Through the Expressway Leading
the times and increasing sensitivity
enthusiasm for change Employees
who continue to challenge
Employee image

Training system

We support the career advancement of employees through a variety of training and self-development support, from basic to specialized fields such as rank-based training and business training.

Training by rank

Regardless of the work in charge, we support the acquisition of knowledge and skills that employees should have widely. In addition, based on the desired employee image, we will develop human resources who "think and act on their own" according to their experience and roles.

  • new employee training
  • Second year training in charge
  • Chief training
  • Section chief training
  • Management awareness training
  • Director training
  • Director training


New employee training

  • Safety awareness training

    We are raising awareness that "customer safety is our top priority" and fostering "human resources who think and act on their own" to improve safety.

  • Business training

    Even if you are experiencing work for the first time, we support the development of skills to achieve business goals by acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to properly carry out the work in charge.

  • Professional training

    We are training employees with a high degree of specialization. For example, we provide training to acquire specialized knowledge for each type of work such as bridges, earthwork, and tunnels.

  • Career development training

    We support the self-realization of career plans by self-understanding and clarifying values. In addition, we have introduced a self-career dock system to support the career development of employees by combining various training related to career development and career consulting interviews.

  • Language training

    We will improve our English language skills in order to develop employees who can play an active role in overseas businesses. We support steady step-ups according to your language skills, such as improving your TOEIC score and improving your presentation skills in English.

  • Self-development support

    We actively support employees' efforts for self-development through various correspondence courses such as business skills, languages, and qualification acquisition.

  • Community improvement support training

    We are conducting open recruitment-type training utilizing crowdfunding by combining regional cooperation that contributes to regional revitalization by solving regional issues and fostering human resources who can take on challenges. Received the 2017 KAIKA Grand Prize *.


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