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Civil engineering / environment-related new business

Head Office Business Development and Promotion Headquarters Business Creation Department
New Business Development Division MN

Joined in 2018 Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Environmental and Urban Engineering, Completed
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Map image showing the place where I worked so far
  • 01
    April 2018
    [OJT] Head Office Related Business Headquarters Business Creation Department Tourism Promotion Team
  • 02
    June 2018
    Nagoya Regional Head Office Maintenance and Service Division Maintenance Planning Division
  • 03
    July 2020
    In charge of maintenance planning, Nagoya Regional Head Office Nagoya Maintenance and Service Center
  • 04
    July 2022
    Head Office Business Development and Promotion Headquarters Business Creation Department New Business Development Section

Interview date: November 2023

Q. What was your motive for joining the company?

I decided to apply because I wanted to utilize the knowledge I learned about structure maintenance and management during my student days to contribute to maintaining the safety and security of Expressway that are essential to our lives. I also found it attractive that there was job rotation and I could try different fields.

Q. What kind of work is your job?

We are working on new projects that will contribute to revitalizing areas along Expressway and improving the quality of life. So far, we have participated in the commercial complex ``Terrace Gate Toki'' and agricultural projects. Among these, I am involved in the operation of "Connect Area Hamamatsu," which opened in 2018 as Expressway company's first transit transportation hub. Connect Area Hamamatsu is a facility that helps improve the working environment of truck drivers by promoting relay transportation, and we are considering various measures to further promote the use of the facility. We are also taking on the challenge of creating new value as an Expressway company.

Q. How rewarding is this job?

In the management of Connect Area Hamamatsu, which I am currently in charge of, I have been able to hear comments from users regarding improvements to the working environment, such as ``we were able to operate a one-day trip service'', which is very rewarding. Also, starting a new business can be difficult because you need to understand the issues and needs around you and come up with ideas, but I find it rewarding to be able to propose my own ideas and take on the challenge of new business fields. I also get to exchange opinions with companies in different industries and jointly consider new businesses, and my knowledge of new fields increases every day, which is stimulating.

Q. What are your thoughts on the appeal and characteristics of this company?

Regardless of job type, you can challenge yourself to work in a wide variety of fields and gain experience.
Not only can we contribute to society by being involved in the maintenance and management of Expressway, but it is also attractive that we can contribute to the revitalization of areas along Expressway through new projects. In addition, the company actively encourages employees to take vacations, so it is easy to take vacations, and it is also attractive that employees can work in a balanced manner. We also have an extensive training system and an environment that supports career advancement, including training and correspondence courses that employees can take depending on their needs.

Q. What are your goals for the future?

In addition to promoting the use of Connect Area Hamamatsu, where I am currently involved, I would like to consider the development of new logistics businesses and continue to create a system that supports the resolution of social issues called the "2024 problem" in logistics. In addition, the organizational mission of the Business Creation Department is to create new businesses that contribute to solving social issues in areas along Expressway and to increase profits. I myself am acutely aware of the difficulty of creating new businesses, but by valuing intellectual curiosity, actively interacting with other companies, and paying close attention to trends in the world, I can find opportunities for new business. , I would like to expand it.


  • 9:00
    Coming to work Check email
  • 10:00
    Preparation of materials for consideration of new business
  • 11:30
    Coordination of meetings, phone calls, etc.
  • 12:00
  • 13:00
    Meeting regarding management with the joint operator of Connect Area Hamamatsu (web conference)
  • 14:00
    Internal meeting to consider new business
  • 15:00
    Creating meeting minutes
  • 16:00
    Creating internal reporting materials such as usage status of Connect Area Hamamatsu
  • 17:00
    Email confirmation/response, etc.
  • 18:00
    Leaving the company

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