Company introduction

Company Overview

商号 Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited
(Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited)
Company Representative President and Chief Executive Officer Miyaike Yoshihito
Location of Head Office 2-18-19 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya
Date of Establishment October 1, 2005
Number of Employees 2,189名(グループ全体 10,760名)
Companies in our Group 26社〔持分法適用関連会社 9社〕
Capital 65 billion yen
Business description Expressway Construction business, maintenance / service business, service area business, other business


Organizational Structure

Organization Chart Organization Chart


Areas Covered

Area map Area map

Business Data

Item Notes
Operating Distance (km) 2,151 As of April 1, 2020
Number of vehicles per day (tens of thousands) 198 FY2019 results
Toll Revenue (hundreds of millions of yen) 6,897 FY2019 results
Construction Distance (km) 343 As of April 1, 2020
Rest Facilities Number of Facilities
Service Areas 181 As of April 1, 2020

上下線別(上下線のいずれからも利用できるものは1箇所と数える)第三セクター・営業施設10箇所、無人施設14箇所を含む [その他に会社が敷地を保有しないサービスエリア22箇所あり]

Store Sales (hundreds of millions of yen) 1,216 2019年度実績

Human resource development

Employees are the greatest goods for the company, based on the “employee image”
We will foster “Employees who can think and demonstrate their own leadership with safety first.”
Support for training and self-development based on OJT (capacity development in the workplace) that nurtures employees through work
By implementing systematically, we will increase expertise and skill acquisition and problem solving skills.

  • Management Philosophy / Our Role
  • Our Basic Stances
Employee image Employee image

Training system

Training by rank

Regardless of the work in charge, you will acquire the knowledge and skills that employees should have widely.
Young employees in particular are fostering the ability to think logically.

On-site training

new employee training

Acquire the basic knowledge required as a working adult, such as the company's business content, management philosophy, business manners, etc. A follow-up training session will be held around December to review employees after joining the company, set goals for the future, and develop employees who can act autonomously.

New employee training / follow-up training → Second-year training for managers → Intermediate manager training → Advanced manager training → Manager training → Manager awareness training → Director training → Manager training New employee training / follow-up training → Second-year training for managers → Intermediate manager training → Advanced manager training → Manager training → Manager awareness training → Director training → Manager training

Safety awareness training

Raising awareness that “customer safety is the top priority” and fostering “human resources who think and act on their own” to improve safety.

Career development training
Career interview

We clarify the career we want to aim for, promote autonomous actions to improve the knowledge and skills necessary for our own growth, and increase employee motivation.

Business training

Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to properly perform assigned duties. Even for the first work, we are implementing training so that necessary knowledge and skills can be acquired quickly.

Language training

We will improve English language skills in order to develop employees who can be active in overseas business. We support steady step-up according to language skills, such as improving TOEIC scores and improving English presentation skills.

Specialized technical training

We train employees with high levels of expertise. For example, we conduct training to acquire specialized knowledge and skills for each type of work such as bridges, earthwork, and tunnels.

Self-development support

The company also actively supports employees' self-development, such as taking correspondence courses and obtaining official qualifications.

Community improvement support training

The 2017 KAIKA Grand Award is a public participation participation type training that uses crowdfunding, combining “regional collaboration” and “human resource development” as a mechanism to develop human resources to challenge. * Was awarded.

* Efforts to introduce powerful initiatives and innovative initiatives that lead to the resolution of social issues through awards

Diversity and welfare

Promotion of work-life balance

We promote work-life balance (harmony between work and life) so that each and every employee can work vigorously.
Introduce flexible work styles such as a modified working time system of one-month unit and `` Yu-Katsu '' in the morning throughout the year, reduce overtime work by improving work efficiency and taking planned leave, and take leave for childcare and nursing care that exceeds the legal requirements We have expanded our in-house system so that employees can select a work style that suits their individual circumstances, such as a system and a special transfer system that allows them to temporarily limit their work locations during childbirth, childcare and nursing care.

Kurumin Aichi Women Shine Company

System for pregnancy, childbirth and childcare

System table according to time System table according to time

* There are various other systems that support employees, such as family care leave and childbirth holidays.

Workplace promotion meeting for women

From the first year of joining the company, female employees with diverse careers, including managers and employees who are balancing childcare, have become members to create a workplace that is easy to continue working even after life events such as childbirth. We are promoting initiatives involving the entire company.
In fiscal 2019, based on the opinion that environmental improvement requires the cooperation of male bosses, a discussion was held with a male boss to improve awareness and behavior.
At times, they share their concerns and concerns and give advice to each other, which has led to the Large of the network among employees.

Divided into multiple groups
Set and examine each theme.
Childcare system
Create a system book


We provide solid support through various welfare programs so that the lives of employees and their families are enriched and enriched.

Single dormitory

Company housing (for households)

There are single dormitories that are convenient for commuting and are well-equipped around the office in the business area. Company housing is also available for employees with family members. Located in a good living environment.

Cafeteria plan

Employees can freely use services that suit them. There are various plans for travel, sports clubs, and personal development.

Health consultation

We accept not only employee health but also family health consultation. Counseling is also available.