Our engineering services, backed by decades of practical experience, help road operators and engineering companies that seek to manage their roadways effectively by reducing life-cycle costs and increasing performances.

Maintenance Cycle Maintenance Cycle


Smart Pavement Management (SPM)

  • Pavement Data Analysis Service (PDAS)

    Our pavement performance analysis service helps road operators make data-driven decisions by providing performance projection based on inspection data. For the data analysis, we evaluate pavement performance with stochastic model and statistical analysis. This approach doesn’t require a long time series of data, like a regression analysis. We estimate the average pavement performance deterioration rate and remaining lifetime. In addition, we compare pavement performances in several situations including roadway sections, pavement structure, material, traffic and climate.

  • Pavement Performance Analysis Service
    Unique Features
    • Only two time-series of data are required.
    • Various comparisons of pavement performance; section, pavement structure, material, traffic and climate
    • Deterioration Evaluation
      Deterioration Evaluation

      Pavement deterioration evaluation module analyzes the pavement deterioration and predicts future deterioration based on two-time series data such as pavement condition data and maintenance history. The estimation of deterioration is performed by using Markov Transition Probabilities Theory.

    • Budget Simulation
      Budget Simulation

      The strategic budget planning module simulates the budget requirements for three scenarios: (1) non constraint, (2) budget constraint, and (3) risk constraint. The output of this module is very useful in establishing road maintenance strategies.

    • Display data on the map
      Display data on the map

      Pavement condition survey data and deterioration performance data are displayed on the digital website road map.

  • Quality Improvement Service for Pavement Data Collection

    Quality Improvement Service for Pavement Data Collection

    Backed by over 30 years of data collection experience, we can support engineering companies and data collection vendors by collecting pavement performance data accurately. We own and operate a high-speed pavement data collection vehicle that obtains pavement distress images, longitudinal/transverse profiles and 3D mapping images with geospatial data. Our vehicle performs all six functions reliably and safely at 60 mph without interfering with traffic flow. It will lower your pavement management and life cycle costs.

  • 3D Pavement Rehab Design Service/Software

    3D Pavement Rehab Design Service/Software

    Our 3D Pavement Rehab Design Service helps engineering companies design pavement rehabilitation projects intended to improve ride quality and storm water drainage. We have developed a dedicated software package that performs this analysis efficiently.


AutomaticStay-Cable Inspection System (ASCIS)

Automated Stay-Cable Inspection System (ASCIS)

Our automated Stay-Cable Inspection System (ASCIS) inspects the outsides and insides of stay-cables. Because stay-cables are critical members of cable-stayed bridges, stay-cable bridge owners need to conduct comprehensive periodical inspections. Comparing to conventional visual inspection and non-destructive testing, ASCIS is more effective and safer.

Unique Features
  • Self-Propelled
  • Real time video recording
  • Inspects both outside and inside of stay cables
Safety Effectiveness
Conventional visual inspection
Non-destructive testing
Videography / Still Image
  • Daytime image
    Daytime image
  • Nocturnal image
    Nocturnal image
Flaw Detection Data by Eddy-Current
Flaw Detection Data by Eddy-Current (Specimen)

Once it detects fracture of stainless wire, the fractured section is inspected by line data and circumference data.

Old Bridge Drawing Creation Service

Old Bridge Drawing Creation Service

Do you have the drawings of bridges you are responsible for? Typically, these drawings get lost, so we offer the latest 3D scanning technology to help bridge owners and engineering companies recreate these critical drawings.


Model-based Predictive Ventilation Control System (MPVC)

MPVC helps tunnel operators reduce energy consumption by controlling the ventilation system every 10 minutes by predicting and simulating traffic volume and its effect on air quality. MPVC is used in 20 tunnels in Japan and achieves approximately 25-50+ % of energy saving.

Unique Features
  • Standardizes advanced intelligent ventilation control system
  • Dynamically predicts and simulates traffic volume and ventilation requirement
  • Controls all tunnel ventilation apparatuses including Axial Fun, EP, On/Off and Inverter JF


ITS / Traffic Management Center

ITS/Traffic Management Center

Our highway is equipped with cutting edge ITS technologies that improve safety, riding comfort, and roadway operations.

Safety & Smooth

We offer wide variety of road safety technologies based on our experience over 60 years.

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MATERIALS and more

Water Jet Robot

Water Jet Robot / Hydrodemolition

Our water jet robot removes deteriorated concrete even in narrow spaces between bridge decks and substructures without causing any damage to the remaining structure. After the removal, low-viscosity repair materials are applied. This robot helps owners extend the life of their bridges.

Unique Features
  • Removes concrete with ultrahigh water pressure
  • Useful in narrow-spaced or longitudinal work
    (Reaches 1,000mm with a minimum clearance of 20mm in one movement)
  • Remote operation guarantees worker safety
  • Eco-friendly water treatment system
Machine Specification
Hydraulic Pressure 100~180 MPa
Nozzle Force 50~130 L/min
Electric Consumption 25 KW
Electric Voltage 200 V
Machine Height 2,800 mm
Machine Weight 2,500 kg
  • Before
  • After
Pavement/Bridge Repair Materials

Pavement/Bridge Repair Materials

Our repair materials are for road operators and M&R contractors who want to repair their roads effectively and thoroughly. Unless road owners conduct repairs with the right materials, at right time using the right methods, the deterioration of concrete, steel and asphalt could accelerate, leading to earlier, more expensive road replacement.




Along with engineering services


Along with engineering services, we provide consulting services to help resolve any O&M issues clients may face. We also deliver consulting services in many countries to support road development, master planning, construction and maintenance.


Entering into the
global highway PPP market


Entering into the global highway PPP market is one of our fundamental achievements. In 2017, NEXCO-Central made an investment in the Phu Ly Bypass project near Hanoi, Vietnam.