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We answer the frequently asked questions in a Q & A format.

Where should I contact for inquiries about sales products and technical services?
お問い合わせについては、中日本高速道路㈱ 海外・技術事業部 技術事業課でお受けいたします。  
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If you want a catalog
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What is a product for sale
Sales products are patented products that NEXCO CENTRAL Group is actually using in the Expressway business, and products that have a distributor contract. In addition to various repair materials, regulated equipment, environmental products, disaster countermeasure products used in the road business, we have a lineup of products that are useful in various scenes.
What is a technical service
Technical services are intended to provide services that meet the needs of customers by utilizing the technology and know-how that the NEXCO CENTRAL Group has cultivated in the Expressway business. From daily maintenance work to special work such as structure inspection and repair, we offer a wide range of total support.
I want to know the details of the products and technical services for sale
I want to know the price of a product for sale
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What is a solution
NEXCO CENTRAL Group will utilize the technology and know-how cultivated in Expressway technology to help customers solve their problems. Helping with efficient construction and management of roads and buildings (total management, special technology / special vehicles), reliable maintenance at low cost, management / operation utilizing cutting-edge systems, specialists in various fields develop human resources We will help you according to your needs such as business support.