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Overview of countermeasure examples

TDM is an abbreviation of Traffic Demand Management, a method of solving traffic problems such as traffic congestion by changing the behavior of drivers.
By encouraging customers to change their time, means of transportation and how to use routes, traffic demand during peak hours is distributed to off-peak hours, thereby solving traffic problems such as traffic congestion.

Conceptual diagram of TDM

Effects of countermeasure examples

Tomei Expwy (near the Yamato tunnel)

Tomei Expwy (near the Yamato Tunnel) is one of the most frequent places in Japan with heavy traffic congestion, but measures have been taken to reduce traffic congestion by implementing measures such as a campaign to reduce traffic congestion during traffic congestion periods.

Traffic congestion was reduced by 5% compared to not running the campaign.

Target period: 2014 GW, Obon, New Year holidays

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